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Registration for the exciting WDCR Drivers' School at Summit Point Motorsports Park is now open!  Online Registration and the Supplemental Regulations are available on the WDCR calendar.  The 2015 spring Drivers' School will be held at Summit Point on March 28-29.


Two weekends prior to the Drivers' School, the Region will be holding a track day, PDX event on the same circuit as the Drivers' School.  You can learn the racing line and shake down your car in a friendly non-racing environment.  Tech inspection will also be available.  You can sign up for Saturday, Sunday, or both days.  Won't have your race car available that weekend?  Not a problem!!  PDX accepts street cars that have been inspected for safe operation!

This school is for competitive, wheel-to-wheel racing. Meanwhile be sure to visit these sites for excellent information:
1) scca.com - Go Racing!
2) scca.com - Driver's Schools
3) Forms available here.
4) Online copy of the
General Competition Rulebook (GCR)


  • Cost of the school is only $199 for Single School.  There will be a $100 refund offered for Noivce Permit students who complete the school and also attend the PDX 2 weeks prior.  In addition, the discounted price of only $199 will be the entry fee for the 1st three MARRS events at Summit Point for those novice students who complete the school.
  • Students will need: SCCA Membership, Novice Permit and Physical Exam. See item #3 above.
  • A GCR (General Competition Rulebook) must be read prior to attending the school.
  • Regional Novice Permit contact is Mike Collins, C: 240-476-1593.
  • Students must successfully complete just one SCCA accredited school (new in 2014!) to race in SCCA Club Racing events.  The qualifications for converting the provisional license earned at school to a full competition license has been increased from two weekends to three.
  • School starts with a mandatory classroom session on Friday evening followed by on-track, wheel-to-wheel practice Saturday and racing Sunday.
  • An instructor will be assigned to you for observation and personalized, direct feedback on your driving technique and progress through the school.
  • Car must meet the minimum safety requirements per the GCR. Contact the Tech Chief, Steve Spector at 301-606-0687 or roadster350@gmail.com for details.
  • Rental race cars are available. See the ads below for rental car info.
  • Current holders of SCCA Competition Licenses with previous racing experience must contact the Chief Instructor for details prior to the school.
  • For questions not covered here contact the Region Office Administrator, Heidi S. Weir, 301-572-7444 or 800-879-4722.

Before you can register for an event you must have an account in the ORS (Online Registration System).
To create your account:

  • Go to the Login Page of the ORS.
  • In the SECOND section of the screen, under "Create Account", fill in the requested information. Use a password you won't easily forget.
  • Click the "Create Account" box at bottom of screen.
  • You may enter your car data by clicking on "Enter Garage" or use blue menu bar "Account Settings - Garage".
  • You may enter further personal data via the blue menu bar "Account Settings - Personal Profile".

When registering for an event, click on the Driver Register or Worker Register links on the calendar below. If you are not already logged into the ORS, it will prompt you for your login information and then take you to the registration page.





Race Car Rentals


RP Performance
Bret de Pedro

Windsor Customs LLC
Thurmont, MD
Summit Point Motorsports Park, WV
(240) 476-1593 or mike@meatheadracing.com

Automotive Enterprises

Bruce Shelton - Owner

858 Poorhouse Road

Winchester, VA 22603

(540) 667-9802



Austin Race Cars


Baby Grand & Legends Car Rentals


Track Support, Maintenance, Setups,

Fabrication, Repairs, Transportation






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2014 Student Packet


 TitleSize (Kb)Description
Syllabus77.60March 2014 Drivers' School
SUPPS259.932014 Supplemental Regulations
Student Schedule41.582014 Detailed
2014 Student Test64.632014 Student Test
Hot Lap88.66A detailed description of a hot lap at Summit Point
Novice Worker Form42.65Novice Worker Form
Summit Point MARRS 101231.48An Instructional Guide
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