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2013 RallyCross Event Calendar
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Season Standings

DC RallyCross 2015 Tentative Dates

March 28 & 29 - Drivers School / Test-Tune & Event 1
May 3 - Event 2
May 31 - Event 3
June 27-28 - Event 4 (Twilight schedule Saturday & also Divisional Challenge Points Event)
August 1 & 2 - Drivers School / Test-Tune & Event 5
September 13 - Event 6
October 11 - Event 7
November 8 - Event 8


Event #8

Results for Event #8 and updated season points  Also final season points for all drivers eligible for season end awards


Event #7

Results for Event #7 and updated Season Points


Current Season Event Results
RallyCross Information

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RallyCross is the most widespread and readily accessible form of extreme dirt motorsport. Imagine a twisty and turning course laid out on a non-paved plot of land where the course is delineated by traffic cones. No trees, rocks or obstacles to ruin your day. RallyCross is easy on your car.Entry fee is about $60 and your car must have a hardtop, seatbelts, working exhaust and brakes. We have loaner helmets. The event and other drivers are friendly and we help with the ins-and-outs of the event with the goal of everyone having fun.Drivers get 6 timed runs. There is 1 car on the course so the driver decides how fast (or slow) they want to go. Your 6 run times are added together and least total time wins. Points are awarded to drivers who place 1st - 5th place. For example a 1st place earns 10 points, 2nd 8 points and 3rd 6 points. At the end of the season the driver with the most points wins the class. Drivers are sorted into car classes depending on the capabilities of their car. RallyCross is simple, extremely high on the fun scale and very safe. Join us at the next event.


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Washington DC Region SCCA RallyCross

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