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Annual Region Awards

Annually, the SCCA's Washington DC Region Board of Directors selects individuals who embody the spirit of the awards listed below. If you would like to nominate someone for one of these awards for the racing season just completed, contact a Board Member by September 12th.  Please include not only the name but also the reasons you feel this person deserves the award.  Nominations submitted without additional information cannot be considered. The Board will review the nominations and the winners will be announced at the region's Annual Awards Banquet.

Individual WDCR Program Awards

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The Regional Executives Award

The David Roethel Member Achievement Award

The David Roethel Member Achievement Award was donated in 1963 when he, as Regional Executive, felt that there should be recognition of members of the region (not officers or committee chairpersons), who gave unstintingly of their time and effort in contribution to the many activities sponsored by the region.  This award contains the names of individuals who are some of the "unsung heroes" of the region.  They have worked behind the scenes in many different capacities, frequently without recognition, to see that the programs have succeeded. Previous winners include:

The Most Valuable Player "MVP" Award

The Most Valuable Player "MVP" is awarded to individual who has rendered outstanding service to the Region while acting in an official capacity.  In essence, this award is intended to recognize an individual who is ineligible for the Member Achievement award.  The donor of this award hoped that this "award would fill the void that exists for those hard-working individuals who are always there, who continually serve at an outstanding level, and whose only recognition is an occasional ‘Thank you’ if we think of it." Previous winners include:

The Public Relations Award
The Public Relations Award is presented annually to a person, ‘normally a driver’, who has, in the opinion of the Board of Directors has done the most to promote the Region’s activities. Previous winners include:

The David Morrell Award
Which is given to an active National Chief Steward who has exhibited outstanding performance and dedication to the sport and the highest principles. The winner is selected by the Chairman of the Stewards and the Executive Stewards.

The Roger Johnson Spirit of the Sport Award
This award goes to the SCCA Solo community member that brings the spirit of fun to their fellow members, as symbolized by the message engraved on the perpetual award: "Johnson Spirit of the Sport Award, presented annually by the Royal Order of the Sheep to a member of the flock that upholds the spirited virtues of FUN, CAMARADARIE, and TOMFOOLERY.” This award is named in honor of the inaugural recipient, the Exalted Grand Shepherd, Roger E. Johnson. The award is selected annually by the previous three recipients.