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Board of Directors

What does the Board of Directors do?  

  • Establish policies and oversees the implementation for the Region.
  • Appoint committees and their chairpersons. 
  • Elect the Regional Executive and other officers of the Region. 
  • Manage the finances of the Region and oversee the functions of the Region Administrator (Heidi S. Weir). 
  • Renew the Region's Charter, run the regional elections and establish the regional dues.
  • Promote the Region, both directly and with others, via marketing and outreach events. 
  • Are responsible to ensure that the region operates within the guidelines of the SCCA and the laws governing tax exempt organizations. 
  • Listen to complaints and arbitrate the solutions within the Region. 
  • Select several of the regional award winners. 
  • Represent the Region at the divisional and national level. 
  • Individual members of the Board serve as liaisons between major committees and the BOD.

  • NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 at 7pm @ Pulcinella Restaurant in McLean, VA. 
Click here to link to the Bylaws for the Washington DC Region.

The BOD meets once a month. (You can find meeting minutes under About Us >> Region Resources)  A typical BOD member spends on average 3 hours a week on Region business, but a few spend much more.  The pay for BOD members is a free meal at the monthly meeting.  When things go right, you are invisible.  When things go wrong, you are not.  The experience and the friendship of your fellow board members are the rewards.  If you love the sport and respect the club, it is all worthwhile. 

BOD Meeting Minutes