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Solo (AutoCross)

For hundreds of people in the Washington, DC area, AutoCross is a great way to spend a Sunday. Driving your own car at (and sometimes beyond) the limits in a low-risk environment for a moderate entry fee is a thrill that many enjoy. Throw in the element of competition, and it can be downright addictive. But, there are still plenty of motorsports enthusiasts who have never tried autocrossing.
So what is an AutoCross?
The SCCA holds events both locally and nationally which are called “Solo” events.  These events generally fall under the catchall name "AutoCross".  Basically, an autocross is a relatively low-speed competition driving event in which one driver at a time negotiates a twisty course. Maximum speeds on course are approximately 60 MPH in production-based vehicles.  The course is defined using traffic cones to make gates which define slaloms and sweeping turns. Scoring is usually based upon raw times within classes of similarly equipped vehicles.  Runs are timed to the thousandth of a second using sensors at the start and finish.  Autocross is often best described as a competition of precision driving.

To learn more about AutoCross, we have assembled a beginners guide to AutoCross to get you up to speed, you can also start out by Spectating to get a better feel for the sport. For more information please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Email the chair of the DC AutoCross program with any further questions or comments
We look forward to you joining us at our next event!

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