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Frequently Asked Questions

What about spectators?
Please review the Spectator guidelines.
Check here to follow the competition with Live Timing

Worker Assignments
Every participant is expected to help and volunteer for a Worker Assignment. Please review the Worker Assignments section for details.

Run Groups

All eligible competition classes will be arranged into two Sessions which shall be constant throughout the season.  These Sessions shall alternate the time of day they run; in the morning one event, and in the afternoon the next. Run groups cycle through the available Heats over the course of the season in order to ensure that all competitors run at all possible times of the day.

Within each Session, there shall be two (2) or  three (3) Heats of competitors, depending on the number of retistrations; Heats 1, 2, and 3 for a morning Session, and Heats 4, 5, and 6 for an afternoon Session. The first heat of the afternoon session is always designated heat 4, even if only 2 heats actually comprise the morning session. The Ladies Classes will run with their respective open classes.  Junior Karts will run immediately prior to the 4th heat in their entirety.  

The Solo Committee reserves the right to adjust class distribution within a session for event balance but shall communicate the final groupings two days before the day of competition.  In practice, this means you may find your Heat changing within the half-day you are competing, but you will not find yourself moving from morning to afternoon, or vice versa.

To find out which run group you will be racing in, click on the View Entry List (icon of a red car) in the event listing on (online registration location for an event).

Individual Event Pricing
Entry Fees for individual events are as follows:
SCCA Members: $45
Non-SCCA Members: $55

Season Subscriptions
Competitors can register for the WDCR Season Subscription on until registration opens for the first event of the season, the Practice Event.

Cost for the Season Subscription is $290.  Please note that the cost single events is $45 for SCCA Members, $55 for non-members.  Buying all 8 events individually is $360 as an SCCA Member, so buying the Season Subscription gets you almost TWO free events!!

The fine print:
The Season Subscription is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. When you click the check box at the bottom of the attestation, register, and pay for this subscription, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

ALL event dates are subject to change per contractual agreement with the venue, FedExField, home of the National Football League's (NFL) Washington Redskins. There will be no refunds for events that you cannot attend due to an event date change dictated by FedExField. 

The Season Subscription is pre-payment for:
1. The WDCR Solo Practice Event
2. The 7 WDCR Solo Championship events
3. The opportunity to select a permanent number within your class for the season.

You will be pre-registered for each event with the car, class and number you have selected at the beginning of the season. If you change cars or classes, you will be given the option of selecting a new number from those remaining in that class.

The National Pro Solo is NOT included in this subscription.

The Season Subscription is open to SCCA members only and membership numbers will be verified by the system upon registration.

Points earned in other classes are not transferable.

If you cannot make an event, you must cancel yourself on the site by the Wednesday preceding the event date or risk losing your subscription number for the remainder of the season.

The Entrant agrees to permit the Sports Car Club of America Inc., SCCA Pro Racing Ltd, and their assigns (including but not limited to series’ sponsors, and promoters/organizers of an Event), to use, license, reproduce, have reproduced, show, and have shown, without limitation in space or time and without cost, charge or fee, Entrant’s driver(s), crew members and cars ,including the car(s’)name(s), likeness (s), logo (s), design(s), artwork and other creative elements (other than rights in the name and/or likeness of the subject car(s) that are not owned or controlled by the Entrant) involved in the Event(s) in or on any medium whatsoever, including but not limited to advertising and promotional materials, reports, broadcast and print media coverage of any type, video games, model production, software and any other form of electronic media distribution. The Entrant further acknowledges and agrees that SCCA and/or SCCA Pro Racing may freely assign or license its rights to a third party.

What is PAX (RTP) Indexing?
"Racers Theoretical Performance"

This Index was developed by Rick Ruth and reflects study of results from well over 500 nationwide Solo events including, the Tire Rack® Solo National Championships, National Tour, Alabama Region, Atlanta Region, Chicago Region, California Sports Car Club, Central Florida Region, Equipe Rapide (Florida & Texas), Great Lakes Solo Series, Hawaii Region, Houston Region, Midwest Divisional Series, Milwaukee Region, Minnesota Autosports Club, New England Region, Northwest Region, Northern New Jersey Region, Oregon Region, Philadelphia Region, Rocky Mountain Series, San Francisco Region, San Diego Region, South Jersey Region, St. Louis Region, Tri-State Sports Car Council, Texas Region, Washington DC Region, Wisconsin Autocrossers Inc., and many, many others