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Flagging & Communications

Interested in getting involved with Club Racing? Races can’t happen without Race Officials and we are always looking for more.

If you have a passion for motorsports, you don’t have to drive to be part of the action. Come join the fun. SCCA flaggers can be found at every club races all across the country and staff Pro Racing events all across North America.

In addition to Flagging and communications, all race support specialties, emergency services, grid, pit, timing and scoring, tech, and others always need help. New people interested in getting involved are always welcome.

Flagging and Communications, the F&C people, can be found all the way around the course on any race day. Next to the drivers, the flaggers are the most visible people on the track. We are a very important part of the race. We keep the track clean, respond to incidents and communicate with the drivers. The F&C folks use flags and hand signals to communicate track conditions to each driver. F&C serves as first responder to any incident on course. Communications are continuous with Race Control maintaining information flow to and from the operating stewards. F&C people also staff Race Control working directly with the Operating Stewards.

When an accident, incident, or emergency situation occurs we are the first people on the scene. We are the people that run out there with fire extinguisher in hand when something goes wrong.

Our job is to assist the driver and assess their condition assess the scene and evaluate it and request emergency equipment or help when needed. We are constantly assessing the racing surface watching for oil or debris and dealing with it as it occurs. Between race sessions and sometimes during sessions we will sweep the track or clear it of debris.

We observe competitors for driving behavior and mechanical condition of their cars and keep Race Control updated on any developments.

To quote a former WDCR Flag Chief, “To be a good flagger, you must employ many of the qualities that you need to be a good driver – concentration,, situational awareness of what is going on in the race, the ability to keep your cool when things get hairy, and the ability to multiprocess a lot of inputs.”

Our people are well trained in helping keep the track activities organized and efficiently moving along with racing and schedules.

We put in a full day every race day.


We are the ultimate super fan. We are unavoidably part of the action.

When a driver sees someone in white responding they know somebody is there to help.

There is a mutual respect between corner workers and drivers. Neither can do what they do without the other.

You can’t get any closer to the action all day long without being in a car.

If you think you would enjoy being close to the racing action and like working outdoors, no matter the weather, you should consider F&C as a specialty. If you have said to yourself “That looks like fun, I would like to try it.” And ask “How can I get involved?” It is as easy as showing up at the track and saying “I want to help.” Or contact the Flag Marshals by e-mail to .

If you would like to come out and join us, you should plan to dress appropriately for working outdoors in the weather rain or shine. Layering of clothing is recommended to aid you in adjusting to changing conditions. We suggest you dress with the outer layer in light colors (white if you have it). Please, no yellow or red clothing. You should wear long pants and long sleeves, also boots or closed toe shoes that will be comfortable to stand in for extended periods.  Availability of rain gear is advised, again, please, no yellow or red. The range of weather can be quite dramatic. Our time outdoors can be spent in anything from heat and humidity to bitter cold, rain and sometimes even a snowflake or two may pass by your corner station. Please review our Guide to Flags.


At the end of the day on Saturday there is a social gathering for all volunteer workers. As a volunteer worker you are always invited and welcome to attend.


Our Motto:

Have Fun and Play Safe!


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