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Frequently Asked Questions

Card-Carrying SCCA Members get free admission to Summit Point for all Washington DC Region events

All SCCA members with current membership credentials in their possession get free admission to Summit Point​ at all Region events​!  Please note that they will have no way to verify membership at the gate so you must have your card and identification with you when you arrive, or pay the entrance fee to Summit Point.  Refundable tickets will no longer be issued.

Drivers:  You now have a total of 6 spaces available in your on-line registration form which you can use for crew.  There are 3 spaces for non-SCCA members (non hot pass) and 3 spaces for SCCA members (hot pass crew).  Use these spaces wisely when registering: only the non-SCCA members will be included on the Summit Point "gate list".  SCCA members are expected to show their credentials at the gate as outlined above.

MARRS Preferred Numbers
Preferred MARRS numbers are now available to claim for the 2017 season.  We are again using the registration system for Club Racing this year - (MSR).  You will need an account in MSR to claim your number.  Click here to set up an account in MSR.  

To claim a MARRS number to reserve it for the season, please use this link.

To see the rules and qualifications to meet in order to have had your number automatically assigned, click here.

To see the list of claimed numbers, click here.

PLEASE NOTE:  The “Late Date” for registration is the same for 2017; please be aware that if you do not register by 12:01 am on the Tuesday prior to each event – your reserved number will be released for that event and anyone can use it.  It will revert back to your account for any future 2017 MARRS home events.

MARRS Stickers Mandatory

All competing cars must display the official MARRS sticker, one on each side of the car.  Cars not displaying the MARRS sticker will not be allowed on track.  Stickers are free of charge and will be available at registration, tech, grid, and through the driver reps.  Additionally, the organizers reserve the right to require all competing cars to display sponsor stickers; if so, stickers and instructions will be available at registration, tech, grid, and through driver reps.


MARRS Impound Compliance Checks

All cars displaying MARRS stickers are subject to technical inspection during all MARRS events at the discretion of the Chief Steward after receiving input from the appropriate Driver Representative and Chief Scrutineer. These inspections will be non-invasive or minimally-invasive, with no bond required. A driver has the right to refuse to submit his car to such an inspection, but will forfeit all MARRS points to date.  This right to refuse an inspection specifically does not apply to normal GCR supported inspections which will be agreed upon by the Chief Steward and the Chief Scrutineer prior to the start of the event, where specific penalties are mandated for refusing an inspection.


Huge Discount for Second MARRS Entry

Since the implementation of our second-entry discount has been so popular, the CRC has decided to continue to offer it to those racing in a second class at any MARRS event at Summit Point in 2017.  After the first entry is registered/paid at full price, a second entry for the same race in another class can be purchased for 1/2 price!  The car must be registered and driven by the same person in both classes.  Half-price second entry fee will be available at the time of on-line registration for the first entry and/or can be purchased at the track.


Use the on-line system to Cancel Registration

In order for a full refund to be processed, the on-line registration system must be utilized to electronically cancel a registration.  This can be accomplished even after the event has begun.  For processing a withdrawal after the event, contact the Region Office for assistance at (301) 572-7444 or (800) 879-4722.


Hard-Copy Registration

There is an extra $25 fee for handling when any registration is submitted without using the on-line system.  Entry forms may still be mailed or faxed, but must include the handling fee to be processed.


Registration Close and Late Dates

The "Late Date" for Club Racing events is the Tuesday, 4 days prior to the event.  Any registrations received after midnight Monday will include a $50 fee.  On-line registration will remain open after midnight on Monday and stay open/available through 10:45 am on the last day of the event.  All registrations handled at the track will also include the $50 Late Fee.  NOTE: subsequent entries for folks who have previously registered and paid through the on-line registration system for the first entry, will have the $50 Late Fee waived for a second entry.