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Club Racing/MARRS Incentives

Washington DC Region SCCA - Club Racing/MARRS Incentives: 

$100 discount for new and returning racers, details of this exciting offer are as follows (or see the flyer below). 

Discounts for new and returning racers

WHAT:  If you have never raced with the Washington DC Region SCCA before or if you haven’t raced with us for the last two seasons (2014 and 2015) you are eligible for this incentive.  This offer is for a $100 discount on your entry fee for your first three MARRS races at Summit Point Motorsports Park.  This offer only applies to MARRS races at Summit Point and doesn’t include SCCA US Majors Tour entries or any of our other events at Summit Point.  This offer is also not valid at any away MARRS races not held at Summit Point.

HOW:  In order to claim the discount you must register for the event using our on-line registration system  After completing your registration, you must submit a request in writing to the DC Region Club Office ( requesting and stating how you qualify for the discount.

WHO:  This offer is open to anyone possessing one of the competition licenses accepted by the SCCA.  A full list of the accepted licenses can be found in the SCCA General Competition Rules (GCR). NASA, BMWCCA and certain other competition licenses are accepted, please see the complete listing in Appendix C – Licensing and types in section 2.8.B of the April 2016 GCR (GCR-139) for more details.

When:  Hurry - Limited Time Offer: 2016 season only.  This offer is available now and can be used for any MARRS events held at Summit Point during the 2016 MARRS season.

Where:  This discount is valid only at Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series events held at Summit Point Motorsports Park.

We are very excited to offer this incentive for new (never raced with the DC Region before) participants to join or rejoin our SCCA Club Racing program and to participate in our home Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series events at Summit Point.  

Please contact the Club Office for questions about this offer:


Phone: 301-572-7444

Updated - 4/1/2016 -  By authority of the Washington DC Region SCCA.  This offer is subject to change without notice.