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2017 EVENTS - The Rally Farm - 11686 Elk Run Rd, Catlett, VA, 20119

Located just South of Frostburg, Maryland we've found an area that was once home to thousands of FEMA trailers.  Several years ago the government decided it would spend several million dollars in infrastructure to create a gravel parking area approximately 45 acres in size.  Now the trailers are gone and the fun begins!  This size area could fit all 3 of the courses we had at Summit.  No doubt we'll be limited by the number of course workers available.  The surface is predominantly small-size gravel that has sort of "vegetated" over the past couple years.  This is a fast surface, unique to SCCA RallyCross, and more akin to stage rally.

Access to the property is through a gated entrance off New Georges Creek Road, the first left after the Park-and-Ride just South of I-68 (exit 34).  This property does not have a street address so you'll have to use these GPS coordinates to look it up on Google Maps: 39.627000, -78.906000 (Seen Below). The property is secluded but also very close to the amenities found in the town of Frostburg.  Camping the night prior to our events will indeed be allowed.

Frostburg, MD