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Worker Position and Responsibilities

Every driver in a RallyCross event must work a position on the course. Failure to check-in with the Stage Captain for your work assignment during both morning and afternoon heats will result in your disqualification from the event. Below is a rundown of each of the worker positions and their responsibilities.

Event Steward
The Event Steward shall have the authority to make all decisions regarding course design and layout, and compliance with the rules and regulations herein. The Event Steward may make alterations to the course, or stop completion of runs at any time during the event. These changes will be made to insure the safe running of the event. Slight changes to the course may effect the times of subsequent competitors, however re-runs shall not necessarily be permitted and shall be at the discretion of the Event Steward. The Event Steward will:

  • Provide to the Registrar an Excel file and printed paper sheet with all pre-registered drivers to include car class and car number.
  • Inspect the course prior to competition and suggest changes in the interest of safety and competition.
  • Provide a Worker Sign-up Sheet to Stage Captains with all work positions and who has registered for what work position.
  • Provide an Excel spreadsheet for Scoring to Registrar.

Safety Steward
The Safety Steward shall verify that a valid certificate of insurance is present at the event. The Safety Steward shall have the final authority regarding matters or driver, worker, spectator or course safety.

Course Set Up (2 workers)
Course set-up takes 1-2 hours and needs to be completed before the 9:30 AM driver's meeting. Course set-up includes:

  • Retrieving red flags, finish flag, start flag, fire extinguishers, safety vests, banner tape, poles and loaner helmets from storage and transporting them via ATV or personal vehicle to the course.
  • Placing cones and marker flags throughout the driving route.
  • Checking radios to ensure batteries are charged.
  • Establishing start and finish.
  • Setting up worker stations to include radios, marker flags, safety vests, fire extinguishers and red flags.
  • Placing banner tape to mark spectator areas.
  • Placing loaner helmets at start.
  • Passing inspection by Event or Safety Steward.

Registrar and Scoring
Registration opens at 7:00 AM. The Registrar:

  • Maintains (has a clock or watch) "Official Event Time".
  • Checks each competitor's driver's license.
  • Asks every participant to sign an SCCA Event Waiver and issue an SCCA wristband.
  • Collects appropriate registration fees.
  • Will account for any cash received and keep any cash in a safe place.
  • Updates registration and scoring spreadsheet via laptop or manually with pen/paper.
  • Ensures that each driver is assigned an individual car number.
  • In conjunction with morning and afternoon Timing Recorder, performs data entry of elapsed time and penalties at the mid-day and end-of-day breaks (only if a laptop is available).
  • Prints and posts scores (only if a laptop is available).

Technical Inspection
The Technical Inspectors will inspect each vehicle and each driver's helmet. Upon satisfactory completion of inspection, a sticker will be affixed to the car's windshield. Cars without an inspection sticker cannot compete.

Stage Captains are responsible for the smooth and timely operation of the stage. They:

Stage 1 and Stage 2 Captains

  • Assign workers to work positions.
  • Clearly communicate to drivers and workers what tapes place and when.
  • Stay in the tower and watch the course for safety issues.
  • Check course worker stations and declare the course "hot".
  • Have authority to delay start due to dust conditions.
  • Only with agreement from Start has authority to allow re-runs.

Timing and Start Stage 1 and Stage 2
Timing/Start Stage 1 and Stage 2 are responsible for accurate and fair timing and scoring of all drivers throughout the day. This position:

  • Collects timing equipment from storage and deploys the equipment to the course and ensures correect operation.
  • Places timing devices in the proper locations.
  • Ensures that all timing workers know what they are doing and follow consistent timing practices (Start, Finish/Scoring, Whiteboard).
  • Inspects vehicles prior to starting to ensure proper display of number, class and current Tech Inspection sticker. Also ensures that drivers and passengers are wearing helmets, the seat belts are on and latched and windows are rolled up.
  • Radios Timing & Scoring: "car number 88 will start at 12:35".
  • Provides the driver with a countdown and signals the vehicle to start.
  • Wave the next competitor forward to stage at the start line and commence inspection and communication with Timing & Scoring.
  • Collects all timing equipment from the course adn returns to storage at the end of the event.

Timing Finish
Timing Finish is responsible for:

  • Stopping the timing of cars as they cross the finish line.
  • Clearly writing elapsed time for each car.
  • Clearly noting any penalties on the score sheet.
  • Radioing ET and penalties to whiteboard at tower.

Course Workers 1-7
Refer to the course map for your designated worker zone. Stand in a safe location at least 25-30 feet away from the course route. Avoid standing at the outside of corners. Keep your eyes on the cars on the course at all times and never turn your back on a car on the course. Remain standing during your work assignment. If a cone in your zone is knocked down or moved on the course by a vehicle, move quickly to the cone, replace the cone and call-in the penalty on your walkie-talkie. Correct call-in language is "1 cone on car 123." Timing will acknowledge with a "1 cone on 123." When using the radio, press the talk button and wait for 1 second before speaking to ensure your entire message is heard as the radios take a moment to begin transmitting.

Waiver/Whiteboard and Coverner Worker 8

The Waiver Worker will be located near the main entrance and check to make sure that each individual entering the RallyCross area has a wrist band. If not, that person must sign the SCCA waiver sheet at the Registration Area and be supplied with a wrist band. Make sure the wrist band is properly fitted before permitting the individual to enter the area. Instruct everyone to stay completely off the RallyCross course field, and the main roads. Spectators may watch events from the gravel road, opposite the main roads, and from the edge of the service/parking pad. In no case will spectators be allowed beyond the safety barrier tape without the specific approval of the Safety Steward.

Course Take Down 1 & 2
Course take down means any and all worker equipment, flags, cones, banner tape, whiteboard, canpopies, chairs and trash are collected and returned to the proper storage locations.

Recorder of Elapsed Times, Penalties and Post Scores
Enters driver ET & penalties into Excel spreadsheet then prints and posts scores at event. Both Timing & Finish workers assist in this entry.
A complete list of worker positions available at event registration is:

1) Course 1 Set Up
2) Course 2 Set Up
3) Registration & Scoring
4) Tech Inspection
5) Course Take Down 1
6) Course Take Down 2
7) Stage 1 Captain
8) Timing and Start Stage 1
9) Corner Worker 1a
10) Corner Worker 2a
11) Corner Worker 3a
12) Corner Worker 4a
13) Corner Worker 5a
14) Corner Worker 6a
15) Corner Worker 7a
16) Corner Worker 8a, Waivers and Whiteboard
17) Stage 1 Finish Clock & Radio to Whiteboard
18) Stage 2 Captain
19) Timing and Start Stage 2
20) Corner Worker 1b
21) Corner Worker 2b
22) Corner Worker 3b
23) Corner Worker 4b
24) Corner Worker 5b
25) Corner Worker 6b
26) Corner Worker 7b
27) Corner Worker 8b, Waivers and Whiteboard
28) Stage 2 Finish Clock & Radio to Whiteboard