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Rules & Scoring

We are always pleased when contenders for the SCCA National Rally Championship and the Mid Atlantic Rally Series contest our events even though the events are pitched to those on lower rungs of the competition ladder.

This year there will be a Washington DC Regional Championship for those with less than 50 lifetime points. This championship is aimed at the novices, recreational rallyists and marque club members looking for low-key competition and fun with like-minded friends. In 2009, our schedule contains a rally school and enough fine events to make a great rallying year!

Here’s how it works:

1.  Classes:

a.  SCCA Classes Equipped, Limited and Stock combined using a well established formula to equalize performance 

b.  Classes Historic and Vintage combined

c.  Classes Seat-of-the-Pants and Novice combined

2.  Points:

a.  1st =10, 2d = 8, 3d = 6, 4th =4, 5th = 2

b.  Those filling the positions Rallymaster, Safety Steward, Route Checker, Checkpoint Marshall, etc. will be awarded points equal to the average number of points they earned on other events during the season.

c.  All events on the Regional Calendar count toward the Championship.