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Club Trials; When you’re ready to race against the clock, Club Trials is ready for you. The second level of the program, Club Trials builds on the instruction you received in the PDX while allowing drivers their first chance at competing against the clock. Competition classes are formed (with both street and fully-prepared race cars), and winners are decided by the fastest time around the course. Our event format is NOT wheel-to-wheel - a very limited number of cars are on-course at any time, and passing rules apply. Club Trials is your first real taste of motorsports competition and is the perfect appetizer before you move to Track Trials and Hill Climbs, the main courses of the Time Trials program. In the Washington DC Region program, we run Club Trials on the Shenandoah Circuit and Main Circuit at Summit Point Motorsports Park.

Track Trials;
Street cars no longer cut it at Track Trials. Only cars prepared for Road Racing or Solo events are allowed as speeds and intensity levels are higher. The tier-three program offers closed-course track time, with competitions again decided by fastest time around the course. Like Club Trials, competition time is run with no-passing and limited numbers of cars on track to ensure safety and "clear air" for all competitors.

Hill Climbs are the fourth and top level of the Time Trials program. There are no more fences and no more grandstands. Full safety gear is mandatory as it’s just you, your car, and a mountain road. Hill Climb events are run on paved mountain roads over short distances, and in the true spirit of racing, fast time wins. WDCR does not currently produce Hill Climb events
but If you're ready to compete in a Hillclimb, the Washington D.C. Region recommends our sister regions, the Blue Mountain Region, Northeast Pennsylvania Region and the Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association. Together, they organize many Hillclimb and Track Trial events in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. For more information visit their web site at:

You can also volunteer to help work these events, instruct (with the proper credentials) or participate as a driver. We strongly recommend that all drivers, instructors and volunteer workers read and absorb the Time Trials Rules to be fully prepared to participate in any position for this exciting opportunity to experience motorsports in a new and rewarding way. More information can be found on the National web-site. A good starting point is the National Time Trials page found at the SCCA web site. We look forward to your participation in these excellent instructional and competition events.

Email the chair of the DC Time Trials program with any further questions or comments
We look forward to you joining us at our next event!

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