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PDX (Track Days)

Interested in joining the world of Track Days?

Track Days (HPDE / PDX) events are strictly non-competitive and are based on in-car and classroom instruction and practice of performance driving and car handling. You will learn about and practice performance driving and car handling. You learn at your own pace with the fun factor our main objective. Other than approved helmets, seat belts and a seat for the instructor, no other safety gear is required, though you will be required to wear long sleeve shirts and pants (so you can sweat just like a race care driver)! Some convertible cars do require a roll bar. A standard pre-event safety inspection by a qualified mechanical shop or proof of Annual Club Racing or Time Trials Technical Inspection, assures that your car is ready for the track. All drivers are provided with a Participation Log that is utilized by their instructor(s) to provide comments in, and is returned to the entrant at the end of the event. The Participation Log is presented by the driver in advanced levels to assist in placing the entrant in the proper run group. In the Washington DC Region program, we run PDX events on the Shenandoah Circuit, Main & Jefferson circuits at Summit Point Motorsports Park. We also hold an event each season at Dominion Raceway. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for more details.

Email the chair of the DC PDX program with any further questions or comments
We look forward to you joining us at our next event!

Interested in trying Track Days for free?

Tracking on a budget? WDCR-SCCA PDX offers an opportunity to earn credits towards a track day entry with our work-3-get-one-free offer for corner workers. We utilize corner workers at all SCCA track events. These folks are very important to the safety of our events by acting at the eyes and ears for our operating Steward (he/she runs the track during “hot” sessions).  They are the folks that wave those colorful flags, and a use a communications radio to listen in on and participate in the Steward’s “communications radio network”, or COMMNET. For example prior to allowing cars on track each station is verbally checked to make sure it is on the network and that the section of track they are responsible for is ready for cars, it may sound something like this on the headset: ”Control to Station 1 -Status?” – “Station 1 - Clear and green”, “Station 2?” - “Clear and green”, right around to the last station etc. Then we all  hear – “Cars on track, cars on track – Standing double yellow for two laps”.  In the event that a car goes 4-wheels off the track, you may hear - “Station 9 to control” – “Go 9”  – “White #32, 4-off at 9, back on track now” – “Copy 9 . . . next Station to see White 32, BLACK FLAG, repeat BLACK FLAG” – “Station 11 to control” –  “Go 11” – “Black flagged White 32 – Driver acknowledged .“  Pretty cool stuff, huh?   Your “Worker Chief” provides training and equipment, AND a free lunch for these important members of our operation. WDCR-SCCA provides you a weekend membership so that you are officially a member of the club and covered by our insurance policy during your work stint. You can also bring a spouse, other relation or a friend to earn too, and if they are not interested in tracking can help you earn your FREE entry faster by giving their day to you! So don’t be shy, come on out and play with us.  BONUS: We also provide corner workers an opportunity to get on the track as a passenger in one of our instructor cars for a hot-lap session!

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