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MARRS 6 at Summit Point - Traffic Avoidance Map

posted Jul 6, 2015, 2:08 PM by WDCR SCCA   [ updated Apr 25, 2016, 4:07 AM ]
  MARRS 6 at Summit Point - Traffic Avoidance Map
See attached MAP file below. 

Welcome, Race Fans!  Here is some updated information for this weekend, MARRS 6, the 40th Anniversary Celebration of our race series. 

First, a reminder:  Access to the track opens approximately 6 pm on Thursday; there is no $5 overnight fee for this weekend. 

The All Good Music Festival:  Below is a local map showing best ways to avoid festival traffic and still get to and from the track.  This information is based on conversations with the local sheriff’s office and traffic control maps provided by the festival’s traffic plan.  Heaviest traffic into the festival is expected to be during the day on Thursday, using the roads highlighted in red.  Some of the departing traffic on Sunday morning will be directed through Summit Point, so we are asking folks not to try to leave the track before noon.  Remember, this information is all based on estimates and there are no guarantees of open roads. 

Note that “traffic enforcement” has been ramped up.  Please carefully observe posted speed limits.

 The Paddock:  Bridge restrictions are still in effect.  8500lb limit, and a sign has been posted. Passenger cars, light pickups, and minivans will have access to the paddock via the bridge pretty much at all times.  Anything larger, or anything towing anything, will follow the directions of track personnel.  Lineup to get in will again be at Baker (across from T8) to wait for a COLD track. 

Friday is a practice day run by the track; they will schedule periodic breaks between sessions to allow you in.  Saturday we plan a 15-minute track closure for access mid-morning (approx 10 am), and a one hour lunch break Saturday (approx noon).  Sunday we plan a one hour break at lunch (after group 4, approx 1130 am), then a 15-minute mid-afternoon break between race groups 6 and 7, at approx 2 pm.

Remember that all times and schedules are approximate and subject to change.  Also, please do not stage for departure, as we do not have room in the paddock for a line of rigs. Remember that PA announcements can be heard on your radio, 88.7 FM.

Once again, thanks for your help, your patience, and your cooperation!

Jul 6, 2015, 2:08 PM