Minutes: Nov. 14 BoD Meeting

November Monthly Meeting Region BoD
DATE: November 14th, 2017
LOCATION: Pulcinella Restaurant, McLean VA
Meeting Called to order at 6:55 PM.

Members in Attendance:
Paul Anderson
Mike Snyder
Lin Toland
Dave Fitzgerald
Chuck Edmondson
Eric Wallgren

Members Absent
Brian Garfield
Steve Salisbury
Anne Callihan

Minutes from October had been previously approved, unanimously, via email.

Treasurers Report 11.14.2017
In CR Investment Fund as of 10.31.2017- $720,020.81
In CR Cash Fund as of 10.31.2017- $100,074.12
(total Merrill Lynch Funds from both above: $820,094.93
In Solo Fund as of 10.31.2017- $18,688.61
In Region Checking as of 10.31.2017- $148,928.72

Current operating balance in Checking Account (as of 11/14/2017)= $160,250.23

I received a call from Dominion and Steve Britt last week. They were very apologetic about the issues we’ve had. Steve said he is re looking at their pricing and contracts and expects to have a new model soon. I told him that I would pass this on to the PDX committee, which I have done. I also told him it would be the committee’s decision as to whether WDCR would hold any events there next year.

The monthly Jumbo Region conference call has been postponed to next week, so nothing to report on that.

I have started putting together some scenarios on how to phase in director’s terms to adhere to the new bylaws. Those bylaws took effect at midnight the day of the election and we need to conform to them as soon as practical. You will have received a separate email on that.

I attended the NEDiv MiniCon at Turf Valley. Our committee did a very good job of organizing the event. One suggestion I made to Fred Brinkel (President of the Council) was for each region which holds the MiniCon to provide a review of the event along with a “lessons learned” to the region holding the following year’s meeting. Every year there is too much reinventing the wheel. I also suggested, and several other regions agreed, that NEDiv scheduling decisions need to be made much earlier in the year. The MiniCon is too late as most tracks have already assigned dates by then.

The new format for the Region Awards Lunch seemed to work well. I was disappointed in the
turnout, though it still wasn’t too bad. I’d suggest trying the same thing for one more year to see if we can build attendance. Financials for it aren’t in yet and it will be interesting to see how it stands against the traditional Saturday night event.

I also had a very good conversation with Doug Allison and Chris White of Summit Point at the
lunch. They have plans for several areas of improvement at the track and Chris will be at our meeting tomorrow to go over some of them. The possibility of them paving over the old Washington circuit to create a Solo site is something they are looking at. They are getting quotes now and their board will make a decision soon.

Nothing to Report

The month of October has been completely consumed with preparations for the NeDiv min-con
and the WDCR Awards Luncheon. There really hasn't been time for much of anything else except the annual membership meeting.

Nothing to Report

Past weekend’s event was cancelled due to weather. Rescheduled for Nov 19.

Nothing to Report

2017 was by all accounts a Great Season seeing over 266 individual attendees in addition to 9
Junior entrants. With the addition of the ST class the Solo program is seeing many new “Millennials” becoming interested in our sport.

Continue to seek other venues for the Solo Program. Continuing issues scheduling FedEx for
events, especially Schools and Pro or Touring events makes it difficult to hold these kinds of events.

Prince George County is charging, and requiring permits, for use of Pop-ups and portable Generators makes it difficult as well.

The solar option they've converted to is not only working well, but even better than expected. This has been a great purchase.

Friday At The Track:

There was a general discussion on how to expand our PDX Program at Summit Point.

Summit Point

Chris White gave a presentation covering 3 areas of improvements at Summit Point which
could/will improve some of our activities at the track and donations were being requested.

Pavilion: New 40ft x 100ft Pavilion is be constructed in the area between Able Station and Wilcox Drive. This will be completely enclosed with Barn Style Doors Concrete floor and electricity. There would be a charge to rent the Pavilion for an event, but provisions would be made for those making donations to the construction.

Safety Improvements: Due to incidents this past season the following improvements are in the

1. T-4 Chute: An Armco Barrier will be constructed on Drivers Right which will replace the Tire Stacks.
2. T-4 Chute: The Berm on Drivers Left will be cut
3. T-5 to Baker Station: the Berm on Drivers Left will be refaced and new Bolted, and Belted
together, Tire Stacks will be installed.

Washington Circuit Changes Improvements: The intention is to rework the entire Washington Circuit, Old Kart Track Area, and create one VERY LARGE flat asphalt surface that could be available for solo type events.

There was discussion on all of these items with the following action taken:
Pavilion: After discussion the consensus of the BoD was to defer this to the Club Racing
Committee to see if there was interest in using the facility at some of our events.

Safety Improvements: Motion by Wallgren, 2nd by Toland to donate $15,000 to the improve-
ments passed unanimously.

Washington Circuit: After discussion the consensus of the BoD was to go back to BSR for
specifics on extent of work being done and long term viability of our access to the facility.

Driving Evals:
Driving Evals is an entity that collects participation and driving experience data which is then shared with other Track Day/HPDE clubs and groups to better judge the experience level of attendees before they arrive. The PDX Committee is seeking to allow Driving Evals access to our MSR Data Base for our PDX entrants to participate in this program. During discussion it was learned that Driving Evals personnel would, through their access to MSR, gain access to a member’s privacy act information in addition to any evaluations they would have access to. It was indicated that the Driving Evals personnel were not willing to sign the Region’s Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Region’s policy has long required before access could be granted the Region’s NDA had to be executed by all of those gaining access. The PDX Committee will go back to Driving Evals and work out an NDA that would satisfy their concerns and the concerns of the Region.

Director of Club Racing:
Our Club Racing Committee Charter requires that the BoD annually appoint the Director of Club Racing. Motion by Edmonson, 2nd by Toland to Appoint Greg McDermott as the Washington DC Region’s Director of Club Racing passed unanimously.

Region Attendees to the National Convention:
Two Region Members, Taylor Hyatt and Carol Reber, have been asked by National to attend the
National Convention to give presentations during the Convention & they are seeking funding to help defray expenses. In discussion it was felt appropriate to also send the Regional Executive and the Director of Club racing to the convention. Motion Wallgren, 2nd Fitzgerald, to provide funding not to exceed $1,100 to each of the attendees. Passed unanimously.

Motion to Adjourn: Lin Toland, 2nd: Walgren, Vote Unanimous.

Meeting ended 9:37 PM