Minutes: March Special Meeting Region BoD

Washington D.C. Region SCCA
Meeting of the 2018 Board of Directors

Special Meeting Region BoD
DATE: March 5 th – 6 th , 2018

Members Participating:
Paul Anderson
Mike Snyder
Lin Toland
Dave Fitzgerald
Wayne Armbrust
Alan Olsen
John Nesbitt
Shawn Roberts
Mike McKee

Old Business
   The Road Racing Program has been without a dedicated Chief of Tech since last year. The position has been filled on an Event by Event basis when we could coerce a volunteer to fill in while the recruiting continued.
   After several months looking for a qualified Candidate we have one. Steve Limbert. Mr. Limbert holds a National Scrutineer License as well as Stewards and Full Competition.
   On March 5 th Paul Anderson made the motion to appoint Steve Limbert as the Chief of Tech.
Motion was seconded by Lin Toland.
Motion pass Unanimously.