April 11, 2018 BOD Special Meeting Minutes - BOD member change

Washington D.C. Region SCCA
Meeting of the 2018 Board of Directors

Special Meeting Region BoD
DATE: April 2nd – 4th, 2018
Members Participating:
Paul Anderson
Mike Snyder
Lin Toland
Dave Fitzgerald
Wayne Armbrust
Alan Olsen
Shawn Roberts
Mike McKee

Old Business
Director Nesbitt had notified the Board that he was planning to move out of the area and
would be resigning his position. The consensus of the Board was to begin to identify possible
candidates to fill the remainder of Director Nesbitt’s seat when he did resign.

New Business
On April 2nd Director Nesbitt submitted his Letter of Resignation effective immediately.
The list of possible candidates identified by the Board included:
Russ Gardner
Carolyn Bayer-Broring
Beth Burkhard
Elizabeth Miller
John Burkhard
Evanthe Salisbury
Kim Dixon and
Chris Current

Director Olsen Nominated Russ Gardner to fill the remaining time on Director Nesbitt’s term
in office, the motion was seconded by Director Fitzgerald.

Directors in favor: Olson, Fitzgerald, Anderson, Snyder, McKee, Roberts Armbrust
Abstain: Toland

Motion Carried.