Minutes: 12/08/18, 2019 Season RRC Planning meeting, Part 1

08:30am Saturday, December 8th, 2018 @ North Chevy Chase Christian Church, Chevy Chase, MD

Meeting called to order by Bob Crawford, Director of Road Racing at 8:32am with 30 attendees (sign-in

sheet provided) including 5 non-voting guests.


1.) Introductions of attendees (Ginsberg notes that the changes to the Road Racing administrative team

should have been provided to the group prior to today's meeting.)

2.) 2018 Budget Review – McDermott presents the annual budget (provided)

• All income for the Road Racing is in, with only a $55 difference off of the projected total income.

• There are still some expenses to come out of the budget for 2018 including the annual worker

gift cards and the championship awards.

• About $400 short of the projected net total

• No plan to raise entry fees for 2019

• Road Racing will be short paying the overhead allocation for 2018

• Crawford states he is in discussion with the BoD to lower the allocation percentage for the

Program. Olson advises to send your thoughts to the BoD via email. Crawford advises that this

may be a means to lowering entry fees. Bruni starts a discussion on how to advertise that.

3.) NEDiv Schedule 2019 review – Miller presents the home (Summit Point) MARRS schedule as well as

the possible away races.

• Options are very limited for this year's away races.

• Conversations are had about the Glen not being very practical for this year

• Discussion is had on the limited benefits of away races for the region

• There is a possibility of hosting the “Goblins Go” event for NCR at the Labor Day event

• Much discussion on the early March VIR date and how that would negatively impact the Racing

School participants.

4.) NEDiv Championship series and Conference Majors Review – information provided by Crawford

• WDCR will not have a SuperTour event, we will have our normal April Majors date.

• The NEDiv Championship Event #1 will be during MARRS 1

5.) End of Season/Season Subscription Survey Results – Hyatt presented the survey results

• 26% of 2018 MARRS participants completed the survey

• Members were favorable to 5 home and 3 away events, to the current format and length of

sessions and days.

• The Bill Scott Championship questions returned even in favor and not in favor results.

6.) Racing School Plans, Review and Discussion – Broring discusses similar plans for this season’s racing

school as those previous. Including pricing and rebates for Road Racing events

• There will be two potential schedules one with open wheel cars and one without.

• The committee hopes to have things finalized by January 1st in order to advertise appropriately

• Discussions were had at this time on the annual flag school and the possibility of bringing back

the Crew school.

7.) 2019 Tech Days – Rivello Tech Days have not yet been scheduled. Possibilities of having them in WV,

MD and VA. As usual there will be Tech Days both days at the March Track Event.

8.) 2019 GCR Changes - Mcleod reports that there are only a few changes to the 2019 GCR which focuses

on the wording of current regulations.

9.) Summit Point Changes for 2019 - White presents a three-year plan by the new owners of Summit

Point and describes the role of the new Public Relations Coordinator, Amanda Wallace.

• Summit Point Newsletter coming

• 3 miles of deer fence being put up around the property perimeter

• Engineering plans being created for an autox site, to revamp the paddock, property entrance

and worker camping, a 120x40 pavilion, garages in the paddock, more gasoline alley garages,

• Brush will be cleared around the property for better line of sight

• Safety improvements to be done to Summit Point Main

• The Shenendoah Circuit will possibly have a different/less technical layout

• There will be a roving vehicle in the paddock for easier electric sales

• Possibility of golf cart rentals

10.) Registration changes and requirements - Harrison reports that there is a change to the wording of

the minor waver process. She will also have annual waivers at the luncheon for members to sign.

11.) Club Office Presentation - Weir reminds drivers reps to remind their drivers that credit cards do not

get charged until after the event, so sign up early.

12.) Charity Committee 2019 - Thompson needs a charity committee for this year's Labor Day event.

White to send a list of options of local charities to support this year.

13.) MARRS T-Shirts for 2019 - The CRC decided to not have a t-shirt design competition this year. Shirts

will be ordered from SCCA Gear.

14.) Trophy Presentations and Podium Ceremony - Crawford explains that with Hyatt taking on the

Assistant Race Chair position she will not have time to devote to podium ceremonies. This will need to

be put on the drivers reps if a full time volunteer can’t be found.

15.) End of year worker gift information - McDermott stated previously that the end of year worker gift

cards have been purchased and received. They will be handed out at MARRS 1.

16.) 2018 Season Championship Awards - Thompson reminds the committee of the Annual Luncheon

and that registration via MSR is open. The CRC will have part two of the planning meeting in the

morning, then the program awards from 11-12, followed by the regional awards and luncheon.

17.) SUPPS - Crawford forms a committee to review and produce the 2019 SUPPS. The committee

includes Miller, Mcleod and McDermott.

Topics to include for next meeting: Tri-Region Enduro series and SSM race during Track Event weekend.


1.) Out of Region MARRS Events - Discussion is started again for a decision to be made on out of region

races. Many options are discussed during this time.

MOTION: from Olson, 2nd by Kelley – to take MARRS to VIR, May 11-12, 2018

Vote = unanimous; Motion Passes

MOTION: from Allard, 2nd by Schechter – to commit to three out of region races

Vote = unanimous; Motion Passes

MOTION: from Ginsburg, does not get 2nd – to attend NJMP Lightning in June and Watkins Glen

in July

MOTION: from Olson, 2nd by Kelley – to attend NJMP Lightning in June and NJMP Thunder in


Vote = 14 for, 2 against; Motion Passes

2.) MARRS Reserved Car Numbers - Discussion is had on the reasoning behind reserved car numbers and

if the cost should be raised to discourage the behavior

MOTION: from Schechter, 2nd by Olson - to raise the reserve car number cost to $50, then

amended to $45

Vote = 4 for, 11 against; Motion Failed

MOTION: from Miller, 2nd by Harrison – to leave the reserved car number cost at $25

Vote = unanimous; Motion Passed=s

3.) Run Groups - many run group options were presented by Liller. Drivers reps were asked to take them

back to their drivers for review and have a decision for the second meeting in January

4.) Weekend Format - many format options were presented by Liller. Drivers reps were asked to take

them back to their drivers for review and have a decision or more options for the second meeting in


5.) Region Optional Class(s) Rules Approval - Weir asks for any changes and approvals to be sent to her


Meeting called to end by Crawford at 1:45pm

Next meeting January 5th, 2018 at the Waterford at Fair Oaks, 12025 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy,

Fairfax, VA @8:00am