Washington DC Region Administrator

Heidi S. Weir:
Office: 301-572-7444 or 1-800-879-4722
Fax: 301-572-2211

P.O. Box 4334
Silver Spring, MD 20914-4334

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region directory

If you would like to contact a program chairperson directly, please be respectful of these volunteers and limit your calls to between the hours of 9:00AM and 9:00PM.

Region Administrator Heidi S. Weir 301-572-7444
Webmaster Scott Weir 301-572-7444
Historian Region Historian Gabrielle Horn 410-271-7398
Members Services Membership Chairman Louis Alessi 540-848-1955
Social Media Chair Social Media publishing Anna Miars 503-310-0601
Straightpipe Newsletter Editor Alan Claffie 413-441-9425
Board of Directors Regional Executive Wayne Armbrust 540-539-6379
Board of Directors Assistant Regional Executive & Historian Liaison Dave Fitzgerald 703-919-7837
Board of Directors Treasurer Mike Snyder -
Board of Directors Director, Assistant Treasurer Kate Claffie 301-643-5329
Board of Directors Director, Secretary of the Board &
Liaison Officer; Rallycross and Road Rallye
Shawn Roberts 571-594-9362
Board of Directors Director, Liaison Officer; Road Racing
and External Sponsorship
Alan Olson 703-830-3500
Board of Directors Director, Liaison Officer – Business and Contracts, Track Events
Program and Western Maryland Chapter Contact
Russell Gardner 443-540-8383
Board of Directors Director, Liaison Officer; Autocross, Autocrossers Inc. Mike McKee 443-745-2181
Board of Directors Director, Liaison Officer; Membership Services,
Communications including Straightpipe & Shortpipe editions,
Long Term Planning, Newsletters and Social Media
Kahlil Natirboff -
SCCA AutoCross Chair Sam Vassallo 240-385-4774
SCCA AutoCross Novice Coordinator Mike McKee 443-745-2181
SCCA AutoCross Novice Coordinator Mark Shrivistava -
RallyCross Chairman Adam Kimmett -
RallyCross Tech Chief Mike Golden -
Road Rally Chairman Eric Salminen -
Track Events
(PDX and Time Trials)
Chairman Chuck Edmondson 410-703-1503
Track Events
(PDX and Time Trials)
Chief Instructor Mhyar Alzayat 703-362-5099
Track Events
(PDX and Time Trials)
Chief Steward Open
Track Events
(PDX and Time Trials)
Chiefs of Tech AJ Jaso
John Rock
Louis Alessi -
Road Racing Staff Director of Road Racing, Race Chair (RC) Bob Crawford 301-589-6782
Road Racing Staff Assistant Director, Administration, RC Eligible Greg McDermott 703-960-8970
Road Racing Staff Assistant Director, Operations, RC Eligible Taylor Hyatt 717-552-7695
Road Racing Staff Assistant Director, Competition, RC Eligible Elizabeth Miller -
Road Racing Staff Assistant Director, Data Analytics Mark Liller -
Road Racing Staff Drivers School Tom Broring 410-279-2574
Road Racing Specialties EV Chief Bill Smith 703-851-9174
Road Racing Specialties F&C Chief Mike Levin 410-852-3512
Road Racing Specialties F&C Assistant Paul Moeller 410-931-1129
Road Racing Specialties F&C Assistant Bill Forman 443-750-0455
Road Racing Specialties Grid Shirley Thompson 703-383-9747
Road Racing Specialties Hospitality Tracy O’Connor 301-980-7526
Road Racing Specialties License Chairman / Novice Permits Beth Mills 804-798-5536
Road Racing Specialties MARRS Pointskeeper Mark Liller -
Road Racing Specialties Pace Car Graham Taylor 301-674-6250
Road Racing Specialties Pit Angela Slocum 717-856-0924
Road Racing Specialties Pit Assistant Lauren Robison -
Road Racing Specialties Registration Betty Harrison 410-271-1991
Road Racing Specialties Sound Control Jim Rose 540-665-1843
Road Racing Specialties Start Dave Sterling 301-509-8360
Road Racing Specialties Stewards Representative Kathy McLeod 240-329-2678
Road Racing Specialties Tech Steve Limbert 717-432-4116
Road Racing Specialties Timing and Scoring Duffy Browne 571-276-8020
Road Racing Specialties Trophies Bruce Shelton 304-725-7401
Road Racing Driver Rep. ASR, CF, F5, F6, FA, FB, FC, FE, FF, FM, FS,
FST, FV, P1, P2 
John Voissem 571-620-8069
Road Racing Driver Rep. SRF, SRF3 Alan Olson 703-830-3500
Road Racing Driver Rep.AS, GT1, GT2, GT3, GTA, ITE, SPO, STO, T1, T2 Pam Richardson 301-977-6499
Road Racing Driver Rep. EP, FP, GTL, GTP, HP, LC, SPU, STL, STU Mike Kelley 703-409-1828
Road Racing Driver Rep. B-Spec, ITB, ITC Chuck Allard 301-332-7511
Road Racing Driver Rep. ITA, T3, T4 Gregg Ginsberg 571-482-7695
Road Racing Driver Rep. ITR, ITS Chuck DeHaven 540-336-2800
Road Racing Driver Rep. SM, SM5 Mike Collins 240-476-1593
Road Racing Driver Rep. SM, SM5 Sam Schechter 202-841-7538
Road Racing Driver Rep. SSMAlan Olson 703-830-3500
Road Racing Driver Rep. SSMMark Flitcroft 540-533-6600
Road Racing Driver Rep. SRX7Michael Root 443-995-8052
Road Racing Driver Rep. BITChuck Edmondson 410-703-1503
National Area 2 Director Jack -
National National Preferred Numbers/Pointskeeper Marianne Lyons 978-433-5087