Banquet Tix & Contest Winner

Banquet tickets are available TODAY at the pre-sale price:

See the banquet flyer for more info.

The winner of the First Annual MARRS T-shirt Design Contest is Ashleigh Buyers, sister of Blake Buyers (who runs mostly in ITA, but sometimes also in STL) and daughter of John Buyers, who is Blake's crew chief.  She works for the Arlington Catholic Herald as a multimedia designer.  Here's what she had to say about her winning design:   "I can't drive as fast as Blake or fix a car as well as dad, but I was happy to take a swing at this contest. I wanted it to be a shout out to the great people behind the scenes as well as the drivers on the track."

Ashleigh's winning design will be unveiled at the banquet, so be sure to come see it and meet the designer on January 16!  

Congratulations to Ashleigh on a great design, and a thanks to all the folks who submitted ideas and artwork for the contest.  We were sure we had some talented artists in our bunch, and we were right!