WDCR iRacing League - Season II

The 2nd season of the WDCR iRacing League kicks off Wednesday, November 1st with the inaugural 1.2 Hours at the Point on our home track of Summit Point.

If you haven't registered already, please take a minute and complete the short registration questionnaire.  (https://goo.gl/forms/t4Ra7bsZoqHy4FFr2)

If you're not already a league member, you can join the WDCR league by clicking on the LEAGUES menu in iRacing and selecting LEAGUE DIRECTORY.  From there, search for 'WDCR' and click the Join link located all the way on the right and we'll get you signed up. 

If you're unable to join us on the track, please follow our antics live each week on the WDCR Facebook page