MARRS year end points totals updated.

From our 2018 director (Greg McDermott):

“By my count, 15 classes met the participation requirements for a MARRS Championship and had one or more championship eligible drivers. One class, P2, met the class participation requirements, but no driver in the class met the requirements for 5 feature race starts.

Please note that points have been adjusted for the following classes, and do not exactly match the point totals shown on the MARRS Points website: CF, FF, ITB, ITS, SM, STL. These are the classes that only received a Saturday race at MARRS 4 due to inclement weather. We have awarded Feature Race points to those classes for that Saturday race. The MARRS Points website currently shows those cars as receiving qualifying race points for the race. But this is the important point: adjusting the points in this manner DID NOT CHANGE the championship finishing position for anyone who qualified for the MARRS Championship in those classes.”

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