Road Racing Season Subscription, MARRS 1 and DC Region Championship

The 2018 Season is upon us!  Our season opener, MARRS 1, will be held April 14-15 at Summit Point and will host the NEDiv Championship Round 1, the V8 Road Racing Series, and the 1st of four cooperative NJ Road Racing Series events.

NEW FOR 2018!

MARRS Summit Point Season Subscription!

You can now register and pay for the entire season (Summit Point MARRS events only) in advance and save 20% over the cost of registering for each event individually.  Events included in the MARRS Season Subscription are MARRS 1 (April 14-15), MARRS 5 (June 16-17), MARRS 6 (July 28-29), MARRS 8/9 (Sept 1-3), and MARRS 10 (Oct 6-7).  Season subscriptions are available between now and Monday, April 9 at midnight.  Season subscriptions are non-refundable, but the 20% savings is equivalent to more than the entry fee for for a single standard MARRS event, so even if you miss one event you realize a savings!  You can also buy a season subscription in a second race class for the same 20% discount.  The cost of a Season Subscription is $1640 for your first class, and $820 for an additional class (same car and driver).  The Season Subscription is good for the driver who purchases it, and is non-transferable. If you are interested in purchasing a Season Subscription, please contact Heidi in the Club Office (301-572-7444), and she will process it for you!

Washington D.C. Region Championship!

2018 sees the return of the Washington D.C. Region Championship to the WDCR Road Racing program.  The Washington D.C. Region Championship is a season long championship that will be awarded based upon point totals accrued during the Saturday races (and Sunday of Labor Day weekend) of Summit Point MARRS events.  This means that even if you don't travel to out of Region MARRS events, you can still compete for a championship!  Points are awarded the same as MARRS points for the Saturday races.  The Washington D.C. Region class champions will be recognized at the year-end awards banquet.  Come out and race for the D.C. Region Championship!