Get Out on Track with the 2019 WDCR SCCA High Performance Driver Education and Time Trials Program!

New name, same great program! The Washington DC Region SCCA’s PDX and Time Trials program is now called High Performance Driver Education and Time Trials, to better reflect the value these events deliver.

Drivers get:

  • Expert high performance driving instruction from qualified coaches

  • More than 1.5 hours of track time per day

  • One of the safest track day programs in the Mid-Atlantic.

  • Friendly, low pressure environment

Join us in 2019 on these dates:

  • March 9th & 10th (Summit Point - Main)

  • March 30th - Instructor Clinic w/ Advanced-Only HPDE (Summit Point - Shenandoah)

  • March 31st (Summit Point - Shenandoah)

  • May 4th & 5th (Summit Point - Main)

  • July 6th & 7th (Summit Point - Shenandoah)

  • August 17th & 18th(Summit Point - Shenandoah)

  • September 14th & 15th(Summit Point - Shenandoah)

  • October 19th & 20th (Summit Point - Jefferson)

(note: these will become live links for registration as each event becomes available)

Already Love Our Program? Buy 5, Get 1 Free!
Sign up for our 2019 Season Subscription, and secure your spot for the whole season. Only $1855 for two-day HPDE or TT entry, or $2355 for our signature All-You-Can-Eat double HPDE AND TT registration. Click here to sign up or for more information.

Want to Drive for FREE? Volunteer!
HPDE is run by volunteers and we need your help! Learn how to be a flagger, work on grid or in the timing tower with our volunteer program. All volunteers are eligible for our Work 3, Drive 2 program which earns you a FREE TWO-DAY HPDE for every three days volunteered. Learn more about our volunteer program here.

Can’t wait that long? For 2019 we’re introducing a same-weekend Work 1, Drive 1 program. Sign up to volunteer on one day of a weekend event, and drive the other FOR FREE. Learn more here.

Instructors, We Want You!
Interested in becoming one of our qualified driving coaches? Attend our one-day Instructor Clinic on March 30th and get the education you need to help grow our program. Contact the Chief Instructor for more details at

For 2019 we’re happy to announce that instructors will continue to only have one student per day, giving more time for personalized, in-depth education with less stress. Instructors can also participate in Time Trials for FREE.

Racing School Drivers - Get $100 Off Your Next Event!

Looking to get a head start on your racing career? Sign up for the March 9-10 HPDE on Summit Point Main and get a $100 rebate towards any future WDCR SCCA event registration through Drive the same track with expert instruction and over 1.5 hours of track time. Sign up for the March 9-10 HPDE here.

Time Trials - New National Rules and Program
Heard about the new National Time Trials Tour and want to get a taste of this high performance competition! The WDCR SCCA has adopted the national time trials rules for 2019 and is hosting Time Trials events on all of our HPDE weekends. Time Trials are open to “Advanced” level drivers or those holding Advanced TT Licenses. Find out more about Time Trials on our website here.

Need more information or have any questions?

Visit the HPDE website at or contact the HPDE Events Chairperson.

Driving Instructor questions? Contact the Chief Instructor.

Time Trial questions? Visit the Time Trial website at or contact the Time Trial Chair.