Optional Regional Classes

A. Rules to Start a New WDCR Optional Regional Class
In order to start a new WDCR optional regional class, a petition must be presented to the Club Racing Committee (the CRC) by October 31. The petition must be signed by seven SCCA competition licensed drivers eligible to race in the newly proposed class. Any driver who just received his novice permit by attending a valid SCCA Driver’s School is also eligible to sign the petition. Drivers who sign the petition are agreeing to race in the new class in a sufficient number of races to maintain the proposed new class in the proposed upcoming racing season. The then current rules established by WDCR for retaining a WDCR optional regional class will apply. The petition must include the following: 

  1. The list of cars (make, model, & year) which will run in the class unless otherwise specified in the GCR. 
  2. The rules for the new class. These rules must contain either: a) the entire set of proposed rules for the class, or b) the special rules for the new regional class combined with reference(s) to rules already established in the SCCA General Competition Rules (GCR). 
  3. Regardless of the rules option selected, a complete set of rules sufficient to satisfy the safety requirements defined by the SCCA GCR must be provided. [If the rules are not approved by SCCA National, the class will not be accepted by the Region.] 
  4. The petition must also include each drivers printed name and signature, SCCA number, license level and contact address (standard address, and email if available). 

The CRC shall have the authority, by majority vote, to recommend to the board to accept or reject the new class based on what the Committee believes is in the best interest of the WDCR. If the CRC votes to approve the new class, the recommendation will be sent to the Board of Directors. Final approval of the class will be determined by majority vote of the Board of Directors. The CRC and the Board of Directors must agree to act on any petitions to start a new regional class on or before December 31 of the year the petition is submitted. 

B. Rules to Maintain an Optional Regional Class
To maintain class eligibility for a WDCR optional regional class, a class must meet the MARRS Points eligibility rules for year-end awards. Any existing WDCR optional regional class not meeting those requirements at the end of the MARRS season shall be placed on probation. If the class meets the eligibility requirements in the following year, probation shall be lifted. Any class that fails to meet the eligibility requirements for two consecutive MARRS seasons may, by majority vote of the CRC, be discontinued as an optional regional class and would have to meet the new class requirements above to be reinstated. The driver representative must be notified of class status changes within 30 days of the last race of the season. 

C. Modifying the Rules of an Existing Optional Regional Class

  1. 1. later than Monday evening of the Labor Day MARRS event. 
  2. The class administrator will distribute the proposals to all eligible members of the affected class for review and discussion, with a vote to be held at the final home MARRS event of the year. 
  3. Eligible voting members of the class shall be defined as drivers who have qualified in at least two MARRS events during the preceding 12 months, and have registered name, address, and email address with the class administrator. 
  4. The class administrator will forward a copy of any recommended changes to the full CRC, via the Director of Club Racing, on November 15; if there are no changes to the class rules, the Director of Club Racing will be notified by November 15. 
  5. Once a proposed rule change has been recommended by the class, the full CRC will review the proposals and vote to recommend forwarding those rules at the first planning meeting or by email in early December. The CRC review should be primarily concerned with considerations of GCR compliance, safety, and administrative or other burden on the region. 
  6. The CRC will immediately forward the results of their vote to the Board of Directors for their review and acceptance. 
  7. After the BOD vote, accepted changes will be submitted to the SCCA National Office by December 31 and upon approval will become effective for the following calendar year. [If the rules are not approved by SCCA National, the changes will not be accepted by the Region.]