regional optional classes

Read these Rules to Start, Maintain, or Modify Optional Regional Classes


GT Pinto

The Ford Pinto is eligible for competition in GT3. The Pinto, with restrictions and modifications as allowed in this document, is eligible to compete as a GT Pinto in the Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series (MARRS) as a separate class with its own trophies and year end awards. 

2019 GTP Rules (PDF)


Improved Touring Enduro (ITE)
NEDiv Divisional Championship Class

The purpose of the ITE class is to allow vehicles from other professional race series, Pro-Rally, Showroom Stock (those not otherwise eligible for IT or SS) and equivalent marque club classes to compete at a regional level.

ITE Rules (


Super Production Over & Under

Super Production Under (SPU). 
SPU includes all naturally aspirated cars under 2.5 liters prepared to the Super Production specifications in the GCR.

Super Production Over (SPO). 
SPO includes all cars prepared to the Super Production specifications in the current GCR which are not eligible for SPU.

2019 SPO / SPU Rules (PDF)


SPEC-RX7 Rules

Mazda RX-7 (1981-1985) 12A Engine.
SRX7 race cars must use either stock or "OEM" replacement parts except where specified and all cars must comply with Section 9 of the current GCR. 

2019 SRX7 Rules (PDF)


Club Ford

The Club Ford class is intended to provide competitive racing for older Formula Fords which do not have the advantages of recently developed technological advances. These rules provide a basis for standardization within the Northeast Division.

Club Ford Rules (NEDiv)

Showroom Spec Miata (SSM) Class
Administrative Policy
These are NA Miatas (1990-1997) prepared to the current SM specifications.

2019 SSM Admin Policy (PDF)


Bracket Improved Touring
(aka Sprint Bracket Road Racing)

The intent of this class is to establish close and exciting racing based on the lap time potential of the car and driver regardless of existing GCR rules.  It is also the intent of this series to open the doors to competitors from other race organizations as well as to lower the barriers to entry in to SCCA Club Racing.

2019 BIT (SBRR) Rules

Showroom Spec Miata (SSM) Class Rules

Mid Atlantic Road Racing Series (MARRS) 2018 SSM Car Preparation Specification.

2019 SSM Rules (PDF)

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