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Registration for the exciting WDCR Racing School at Summit Point Motorsports Park is now open and online Registration is available thru; live registration link will be: The Supplemental Regulations are in the Student Packet (see below, required reading for the school).

The 2019 spring Racing School will be held at Summit Point Motorsports Park on March 23-24, with mandatory classroom sessions in the evening of Friday 03/22.

Two weekends prior to the Racing School, the Region will be holding a High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) March 9-10 on the same circuit as the Racing School. You can learn the racing line and shake down your car in a friendly non-racing environment. Tech inspection will also be available. You can sign up for Saturday, Sunday, or both days. Won't have your race car available that weekend? Not a problem! HPDE events accept street cars that have been inspected for safe operation! Registration for the HPDE is available thru MSR at this link.

This school is for competitive, wheel-to-wheel racing. Meanwhile be sure to visit the National SCCA website for the forms you will need and more excellent information:

1) Go Racing!

2) Online copy of the General Competition Rulebook (GCR)

3) Racing School

racing school FAQs

  • Cost of the school will be $199 if registered by March 18th ($249 after that). Discounts and rebates for additional attendance in DC Region events are also available - check the Supps (below in the Student Packet) for details.

  • Students will need: SCCA Membership and a Novice Permit. See item #1 above.

  • A GCR (General Competition Rulebook) must be read prior to attending the school. See item #2 above.

  • Regional Novice Permit contact is Beth Mills, PH: 804-798-5536. This is only in case you do not properly secure your Novice Permit in time - we strongly encourage you to obtain your permit from the National SCCA office.

  • Students must successfully complete just one SCCA accredited school to race in SCCA Road Racing events. The qualifications for converting the provisional license earned at school to a full competition license has been increased from two weekends to three.

  • School starts with a mandatory classroom session on Friday evening followed by on-track, wheel-to-wheel practice Saturday and racing Sunday.

  • An instructor will be assigned to you for observation and personalized, direct feedback on your driving technique and progress through the school.

  • Rental race cars are available. See the ads below for rental car info.

  • Current holders of SCCA Competition Licenses with previous racing experience must contact the Chief Instructor at for details prior to the school.

  • For questions not covered here contact the Region Office Administrator, Heidi S. Weir, 301-572-7444 or 800-879-4722.

online registration (ORS)

When you go to register for an event on MotorsportReg (MSR), you will be prompted to either sign in to your existing account or create an account after you get to the second page of the event registration.

You can also update your account or create an account at any time: 
Click here if you have an account and want to update it (including your vehicle information). Or sign in to MSR and click on the My Account tab.

Click here if you want to create an account in advance of registering for an event.

Click here to register:

If you need assistance or have any issues logging into or using MSR, contact them at 415.462.5603 (M-F 9-6 Pacific time) or send an email to

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