Solo Committee Charter

Washington DC Region
Sports Car Club of America
Solo Committee Charter

Committee Objectives
Consistent with its authority under Article IV “Administration” of the By Laws of the Washington DC Region SCCA Inc. (WDCR), the Board of Directors (Board) hereby establishes a Solo Committee (“SC”) to regulate the Solo activities of the Region. The SC shall ensure that all national and regional Solo racing events conducted by WDCR provide a positive and competitive experience for drivers and that all participants have an opportunity to compete safely and in conformance with the Sports Car Club of America’s (SCCA) Solo Rules. The SC is expected to consider both membership and financial implications in their actions.

Committee Responsibilities
The SC’s responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Suggesting new Solo events that will enhance the member value of the Region’s Solo program.

• Determining what Solo events are in the best interest of WDCR members and WDCR’s financial success.

• Creating and/or modifying the supplementary rules for any WDCR Solo event.

Solo Chairman
The Board will appoint a Solo Chairman from the members of the SC who will serve as the chair and will organize and direct the activities of the SC, or the solo activities of a chapter club.

Solo Committee Composition
The SC shall be composed of no less than 10, and no more than 25 WDCR members. Committee members are appointed annually by the Solo Chairman to serve as chiefs of the positions necessary to run an event, as well as a Solo Chairman acting as the Chief Steward at events.

All SC members are expected, as part of their duties, to actively seek the input of the region's Solo community regarding matters before the solo committee and to fairly and accurately present the suggestions they receive to the committee.

Decision Making Procedures
The SC should reach decisions by consensus. However, absent a clear consensus, the Solo Chairman will call for a vote.

For a matter to be approved by a vote, it must be approved by a majority of the members present.

Solo committee members are expected to perform their duties with respect for their fellow members.

The chair will employ “Roberts Rules of Order,” as needed, to manage the meetings of the solo committee.


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