Long Term Planning Committee

Washington DC Region
Sports Car Club of America
Departed Members Memorial Committee

Committee Objectives
Consistent with its authority under Article IV “Administration” of the By Laws of the Washington DC Region SCCA Inc. (WDCR), the Board of Directors (Board) hereby establishes a Long Term Planning Committee (LTPC) to investigate and suggest ways to assure the long term health and financial stability of WDCR. The target window shall be up to five years in the future. The committee will report findings and suggested actions to the Board of Directors. 

Committee Responsibilities
The LTPC’s responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  1. Suggest new, and modifications to existing, regional programs which will enhance member value and participation. 
  2. Suggest changes to regional procedures to improve operational and financial success. 
  3. Explore ways to attract new members and to reduce membership turnover. 
  4. Actively investigate what other SCCA regions and other clubs are doing in future planning. 
  5. Anticipate both operational and financial challenges to WDCR activities. 

LTPC Chairman
The Regional Executive will appoint a Long Term Planning Committee Chairman from among the current Board members. The Chair will then recruit committee members and direct and organize the activities of the LTPC. 

LTPC Committee Composition
The LTPC shall be composed of no less than 5 members. As a minimum the committee shall be composed of one representative each from the Club Racing and Solo communities and three other WDCR members with preference given to PDX and RallyCross participants. Committee members are appointed annually by the LTPC Chairman. All LTPC members are expected, as part of their duties, to actively seek the input of a broad cross section of WDCR members. 

Decision Making Procedures
The LTPC should reach decisions by consensus. However, absent a clear consensus, the LTPC Chairman will call for a vote. For a matter to be approved by a vote, it must be approved by a majority of the voting members. LTPC members are expected to perform their duties with respect for their fellow members.