the arthur gervais award
(national course rally of the year)

Arthur J. Gervais was a longtime Rallymaster of the Historic New York National RoadRally as well as an original member of the SCCA Rally Board and its chairman for many years.  He was one of the people most responsible for the creation of the SCCA National Rally Program, which at that time encompassed both low speed road rallies and high speed performance rallies.

In his memory, Gervais’ name graces the award for National Course Rally of the Year (originally National Rally of the Year).  The award is presented annually to year’s outstanding National Course Rally. The winner is chosen via a vote of the top 20 competitors in each class who have competed in at least four events. Prior to 1989, this award encompassed all National Rallies each year.

regional road rally achievement

Presented in recognition of a Region’s activities in RoadRally for a new or on-going program. This may include events, promotions, attendance, innovation in public relations, event participation, etc. Nominations clearly indicating the qualifying details may be made by any Rally participant, with the recipient being selected by the Road Rally Board.

robert ridges memorial award

Bob Ridges was Secretary of the RRB from the inception of the National program in 1957 until his death in 1965. This award is presented to the SCCA member who exemplifies the highest degree of dedication and sportsmanship in the sport during the preceding year who has made an outstanding contribution to the success of an event during its execution;who has made an outstanding contribution to the program as a whole; who has exhibited exceptional sportsmanship involving personal sacrifice; or who has undertaken physical risk for the preservation of life or property.

This award is not intended for sitting RRB members, Official Observers, Rallymasters, or Officials unless they have clearly demonstrated extraordinary dedication, achievement, and/or sportsmanship above and beyond the duties and responsibilities of their office. Contestants shall only be eligible in cases involving exceptional sportsmanship, personal sacrifice or risk. The recipient is selected by the RRB based on recommendations of any rally participant or Board member. Presentation of the award is made at the Annual SCCA National Convention. This award may not be presented each year. This is the highest honor within the SCCA Rally Program.

“Bob was a sportsman in the truest sense of the word. To him, sportsmanship lay in the manner of performance rather than in the winning; though as a competitor, he always strived to do his best. His honesty, integrity, sincerity and never failing good humor as well as his dedication to sports car activities have left an indelible mark.”

  • This award has been presented once, in 2005, to Jim Mirrielees