WDCR is host to the Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series (MARRS), one of the largest and most successful club level racing series in the country. 

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Summit Point Motorsports Park
201 Motorsports Park Cir.
Summit Point, WV 25446

2019 Road Racing Schedule

Click here for our Events Calendar filtered to only Road Racing events for more details

Results are here once available after an event

Racing School for Competition License March 22-24 Summit Point
MARRS 1 April 6-7 Summit Point
Majors April 27-28 Summit Point
MARRS 2 May 11-12 VIR
MARRS 3 June 1-2 NJMP Lightning
MARRS 4 June 15-16 Summit Point
MARRS 5 July 27-28 Summit Point
MARRS 6 Aug. 10-11 NJMP Thunderbolt
MARRS 7 & 8 Labor Day Double W/ SARRC Goblins Go North Aug 31 - Sep 2 Summit Point
MARRS 9 Sep 28-29 Summit Point

Click here to see MARRS points website  - The Unofficial Live Points Site of MARRS.

MARRS and Bill Scott 2019 rules 

RACERS: Link for reserving your car numbers for the 2019 season is here.

2019 MARRS points are here

2019 Bill Scott Championship points are here.

Final MARRS points for 2018 are here.

Beginning with this 2018 season, we have the Bill Scott Championship for the races at Summit Point only.  Here are the points for the Bill Scott Championship for 2018.

SCCA Road Racing FAQs

+ How do i get started in Road Racing?

Sign up for our Racing School - Competition License

+ Do i need to show my SCCA member credentials at races?

Admission to all SCCA Road Racing events at Summit Point is FREE! Though everyone must sign a track waiver at the main gate, there is no charge for spectators. If you are a participant or crew member, you must show your SCCA membership credentials to obtain a hot pass at SCCA registration.

+ How do i get a number for my car?

MARRS Preferred Numbers
Preferred MARRS numbers are now available to claim for the 2018 season. We are again using the registration system for SCCA Road Racing this year - (MSR). You will need an account in MSR to claim your number. Click here to set up an account in MSR.

  • To claim a MARRS number to reserve it for the season, please use this link.
  • Click here to see if you qualify to have your number automatically reassigned this season. .

+ How do i get a MARRS sticker for my car?

MARRS Stickers Mandatory
All competing cars must display the official MARRS sticker, one on each side of the car. Cars not displaying the MARRS sticker will not be allowed on track. Stickers are free of charge and will be available at registration, tech, grid, and through the driver reps. Additionally, the organizers reserve the right to require all competing cars to display sponsor stickers; if so, stickers and instructions will be available at registration, tech, grid, and through driver reps.

+ Will my car need to be inspected?

MARRS Impound Compliance Checks
All cars displaying MARRS stickers are subject to technical inspection during all MARRS events at the discretion of the Chief Steward after receiving input from the appropriate Driver Representative and Chief Scrutineer. These inspections will be non-invasive or minimally-invasive, with no bond required. A driver has the right to refuse to submit his car to such an inspection, but will forfeit all MARRS points to date. This right to refuse an inspection specifically does not apply to normal GCR supported inspections which will be agreed upon by the Chief Steward and the Chief Scrutineer prior to the start of the event, where specific penalties are mandated for refusing an inspection.

+ How do i register for an event?

Check the calendar for events and links to register online.

Hard-Copy Registration
There is an extra $25 fee for handling when any registration is submitted without using the on-line system. Entry forms may still be mailed or faxed, but must include the handling fee to be processed.

+ Is there a discount for racing in multiple events?

Since the implementation of our second-entry discount has been so popular, the CRC has decided to continue to offer it to those racing in a second class at any MARRS event at Summit Point. After the first entry is registered/paid at full price, a second entry for the same race in another class can be purchased for 1/2 price! The car must be registered and driven by the same person in both classes. Half-price second entry fee will be available at the time of on-line registration for the first entry and/or can be purchased at the track.

+ When does registration close for an event?

Registration Close and Late Dates
The "Late Date" for SCCA Road Racing events is the Tuesday, 4 days prior to the event. Any registrations received after midnight Monday will include a $30 fee. On-line registration will remain open after midnight on Monday and stay open/available through 10:45 am on the last day of the event. All registrations handled at the track will also include the $30 Late Registration Fee.

NOTE: subsequent entries for folks who have previously registered and paid through the on-line registration system for the first entry, will have the $30 Late Fee waived for a second entry.

Please be aware that if you do not register by 12:01am on the Tuesday prior to each event, your reserved number will be released for that event and anyone can use it. It will revert back to your account for any future MARRS home events that season.

+ How loud is it at the track? Do i need to protect my ears?

Throughout an event weekend, you and your crew's ears are subjected constantly to the highest levels of sound. This noise will damage your hearing permanently unless you protect yourself. WEAR EAR PLUGS. They will save your hearing and help to prevent sound induced headaches. Read more about Sound Control by clicking here.

+ What do i need to know about concussions in racing?

Incidents do occur in racing and head injuries may occur. Know what you can do to minimize your chances of suffering a concussion and how to recognize when action on your part is required if you are concussed. Click through here for SCCA and UPMC videos and information.

+ How can i participate if i don't have a race car?

You don't need a race car to get involved in Road Racing. Check out the Road Racing Worker Assignments page for more details.

car classes

Need help figuring out which class your car belongs in? Read about our Regional Optional Classes (GTP / ITE / SPO / SPU / SRX7 / CF / SSM / BIT).

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Road Racing Organizer Event Information

behind the scenes: SCCA Road Racing Committee