First time? Just want to watch?

No problem. Just come out and sign the waiver like everyone else at the gate. There's no admission just to watch, but we do ask though that you understand a few of things:

Motorsports are dangerous. As such, this is not a good place to bring the kiddies to. If you do, please be aware that they are not allowed to be in the "hot" areas where the cars are. You can watch from "behind the fence" (if you're not sure, just ask).

Minors (which in Maryland means anyone under 18 years old) must have a parent or LEGAL GUARDIAN sign the Minor Waivor Form for them. This means an aunt, uncle, brother, sister, friend is not acceptable (unless of course you have proof that they are in fact a court-recognized guardian). This is a requirement imposed upon us by our insurance, and without that insurance we can't run events.

This is a parking lot. The facilities are "primative" -- PortaJohns is as good as it gets. If you're the shy type who needs indoor plumbing, be prepared to get back in the car and drive a few miles to a fast-food joint.

Much like kids, this is NOT an environment suitable for pets. Heat, hot asphalt, lots of people, and loud, fast-moving cars are about the worst environment you can think to put Fido in. Leave the four-legged fans at home, please. One loose pooch running onto the course could likely result in a Very Bad Day for everyone.

Come prepared. There is very little, if any real shade on-site. We strongly suggest that you bring (and use) sun screen, and pack water or other NON-ALCOHOLIC beverages. We do normally have a food vendor on-site, but he is not open all day, and is generally packed up and gone by the time you realize you're dehydrated. Also, there are no seats or bleachers - if you want to sit on something other than the asphalt, bring your own chairs!

Dress appropriately. We run rain or shine, and the weather can and will vary greatly in the course of a day. This is an environment with a bunch of greasy cars, greasier drivers, held on an asphalt parking lot. Your Sunday Best is not the best choice of clothing for the day.

Have fun, take pictures, and feel free to ask questions. Autocrossers don't bite (except maybe for some of the Modified car owners). But please, behave yourself. If you decide you want to show off and speed thru the parking lot, or do some donuts to emulate your favorite driver, please stay away. If you act like a jerk we will ask you to leave and not come back. We value our relationship with the surrounding community, and the lot owners, and we're not going to let a weenie pulling wheelies on his motorcycle jeopardize that. And the same goes for the roads leading to and from the events, except instead of a guy with a yellow hat you get to deal with P.G. County's Finest.