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Time Trials (TT) is your first real taste of motorsports competition on track, and is the perfect introduction before you move on to wheel-to-wheel competition. The Washington DC Region SCCA (WDCR SCCA) offers a Time Trials program, in conjunction with our Track Day events.

Contact the Time Trial Coordinator here, or join the Time Trial Driver’s Group on Facebook.



Summit Point Motorsports Park
201 Motorsports Park Cir.
Summit Point, WV 25446

Dominion Raceway
6501 Dominion Raceway
Woodford Rd.
Woodford, VA 22580

Time Trials FAQs

+ 2018 WDCR Time Trials Schedule

  • March 10th & 11th - PDX Track Day / Time Trials (Main)
  • April 8th - PDX Track Day / Time Trial (Shenandoah)
  • July 21st & 22nd - PDX Track Day / Time Trials (Shenandoah)
  • August 18th & 19th - PDX Track Day / Time Trials (Shenandoah)
  • October 12th & 14th - PDX Track Day / Time Trials (Jefferson)

+ What do I need to compete?

There are only two requirements for competition in TT, drivers must be qualified to drive in the Advanced or Instructor group at a WDCR SCCA PDX Track Day event, and their car must be equipped with a MyLaps/AMB transponder. Transponders are available for purchase from A limited number of transponders are available to rent from the WDCR region, and can be reserved through MotorsportsReg during registration. Transponders are also available, via mail or pick-up, through OG Racing in Sterling, VA – 1-800-934-9112. If you rent, ask for the Transponder Number in advance to expedite the registration process. Please make arrangements for a transponder in advance. Cars without a working transponder will not be allowed to participate in TT sessions. Transponders must be in place and operational during all on-track sessions, including practice.

+ Can my car compete?

Car and safety requirements are the same as for a Track Day. Any car qualified to participate in a WDCR Track day is eligible to compete in a TT. Open wheel cars are not permitted.

+ How are the events run?

TT events are run as a part of a Track Day. Participants are to fill out a pre-event technical inspection sheet prior to arrival, and have their car and helmet inspected by the Track Day technical inspector. The mandatory TT Driver’s Meeting is at 8:30 a.m., each day. A second mandatory meeting will be held immediately following the first session of the day (warm-up session). Failure to attend these meetings will result in exclusion from the days TT activities. Results will be announced at the awards ceremony, following the final timed session each day.

Drivers will have four on-track sessions, the first being warm-up and the last three timed for competition. All cars have free access to the track during those sessions, and passing is open, with a point-by.

+ What are the classes?

Cars are classed by their performance potential, with a list of allowable modifications. Results are determined by fastest time in each class, and an overall winner is calculated by a PAX modifier for each class. See the 2018 TT Classes and Modification document in the Resource Library below for more information.

+ What does it cost?

TT registration is the same price as a Track Day registration for the same event. Drivers can participate in the “All-You-Can-Eat” package that allows you to drive in both the TT and Advanced sessions, for double the track time. Instructors can also register for TT for FREE, beginning two weeks before the close of registration. Registration is first-come-first-serve. See the PDX Track Events page for more details on each event.

NOTE: The resource library is off-site, hosted on Google Drive. Visit the resource library to access the following:

  • Archives
  • Maps: Summit Point circuits
  • Results
  • Rules
  • WDCR SCCA Club Trial Classes and Scoring
  • Pre-Event Technical Inspection Form