The Washington DC Region of the Sports Car Club of America (WDCR) supports a yearlong competitive series called RallyCross. We are seeking locations to hold events. If you are a property owner or know of a property that may be of interest, please read for more background on our approach to motorsports and what protections you have as a property owner. 

We use a 6-10 acre relatively flat and obstruction free area. Parking lots, fields and gravel pits are usual sites. The course is laid out with traffic cones on a flat non-paved surface such as a dirt, gravel or grass. 

RallyCross is an entry-level motor sport event that is a timed auto competition, pitting a driver and his/her vehicle against a defined course. Vehicles are street legal and muffled. RallyCross is not NASCAR style door-to-door racing; there is only one car on a section of the course at a time. Most competitors use the same car that they drive to work each day. There are no jumps and the average speed through the course is typically 50 mph or less. The emphasis of this sport is on driver ability rather than speed. 

Safety First 
As well as having fun with our sport, safety is at the forefront of event organization. Regarding safety, here are notes I feel worth mentioning. A cell phone is always available for use in case of an emergency. There is a nationally registered First Responder on hand at events. Corner Marshals are located at points around the course and are equipped with fire extinguishers, flags, and a radio to be in constant contact with the Safety Stewards. All drivers and spectators sign a waiver. 

Our Insurance Coverage 
SCCA and its regions conduct almost 2,000 events per year, usually on property owned by someone else. Comprehensive insurance coverage is an obvious necessity, even with safety first event management. SCCA insurance consists of comprehensive general liability and participant accident (medical, death and disability) coverage. The landowner is included as an additional insured under the liability policy. 

A complete description of insurance and coverages is located here. Please do not hesitate to contact the event chairman if you have any questions or concerns. 

Would you allow us to hold events at your venue? Please respond with any questions or your contact information. 

Adam Kimmett (
Chair, WDCR RallyCross