2019 BOD Election Candidates

These are the candidates for the upcoming Board Of Directors election. As a region member, you will receive an email with a link to vote online. There are 3 open positions on the board this year, all for a 3 year term. The slate of 2019 nominees has been selected by our Nominating Committee, listed in member number order below.  DC Region members only. The link to cast your vote is here.



Pam Richardson

SCCA Member: 33 years
WDCR Member: 29 years

WDCR Efforts

  • Club Racing Steward Program, 2000-present

  • CRC member/Big Bore Drivers' Rep, 2008-present

SCCA National Efforts

  • American Sedan Committee, 2010-2018, Chair, 2011-2018

  • Club Racing Board Secretary, 2012-2018

  • National Club Racing Competition, 2001-2005

  • Regional Club Racing Competition, 1992-2000, 2006-2018

  • Crew Chief and Chief Engineer for the AS 15 Camaro, driven by Danny Richardson, 2005-present


  • Club Racing Competition, 1992-2018

  • Steward, 2002-present

Personal: I worked for NASA (the space people) from 1975-2008 in the Space Shuttle Orbiter Experiments Program and Aerodynamic Computational Fluid Dynamics at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA.  Then, in 1990, transferred to NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, as a Program Manager for various NASA Aero Research Center Programs. The last 11 years of my career, I was in Safety, Mission Assurance, and Systems Engineering at Headquarters for the Aero Research Centers.  A couple of highlights for that work are: the X-43 Scramjet Accident Investigation and Return to Flight Teams, and working the Space Shuttle STS-116 Flow from launch to return, from the Safety side.
Since I retired in 2008, I have been volunteering for SCCA, and managing the Richardson Racing Team American Sedan Camaro.

Becoming a WDCR Board Member will be a new experience for me, but, as I said about every NASA job I had, I had to teach myself how to do the job when I got there.  I look forward to helping the region grow into the future.


Russell Gardner

SCCA MEMBER: since 2005

Competition license (2005-20017)
National Steward
Assistant Chief Steward at Runoffs (2015-2018)
Editor, “Stewards Notes”

Member, Board of Directors (2017-present)
Instructor, Driver’s School
Chair, Bylaws Committee
Steward, Road Racing Events

PERSONAL: I am a semi-retired attorney, with a focus on employment law and related litigation at a national law firm. I now devote much of my time to serving as General Counsel to a rare disease patient advocacy organization. I make my home in Baltimore with my wife, Jeanne.
I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve in numerous leadership roles throughout my career, from college class president to president of my HOA to chair of my law firm’s practice group. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve you as a member of the WDCR’s Board of Directors.

McKee, M.jpg

Mike Mckee

SCCA MEMBER: since 2012


  • Joined NCC Autocross committee in 2015

  • Served on Board of Directors 2017-Present


  • Participant in Autocross events since 2012

  • Joined Autocross committee in 2016 as novice coordinator

PERSONAL: I'm a former Project Manager who has recently returned to teaching High School Science and Robotics at the Jemicy School.


Joshua Rubenstein

WDCR SCCA Member: 5 Years

WDCR Involvement

- Time Trials and HPDE Participant
- Road Racing License Holder, 2018
- Time Trials Program Chair, 2018-Present Day
- Long Term Planning Committee Member, 2019

A graphic designer, Josh Rubenstein has been working in communications for over ten years in both the non-profit and private sectors. He got his start in motorsports thirteen years ago as a member of the Sports Car Club at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, autocrossing the same Mazda Miata he races today. Josh joined the WDCR SCCA five years ago, earned his Road Racing license in 2018, and is chair of the Time Trials program and a member of the Long Term Planning Committee.


Brian Donati

WDCR Member – 2014

WDCR Involvement:
- WDCR Drivers Representative for Small Bore (2017-2018)
- Regional Competitor (Legend Car Class)
- Driver School Instructor (2018-2019)

Have spent over 30 years in motorsports from managing teams to spotting for several high NASCAR and road racing teams. Recently moved to broadcasting side of races and completing driver interviews at all WDCR events at Summit Point and New Jersey Motorsports Park.
Competed as a driver in the legend car class from 2015 until 2018.

Personal: Have worked at SiriusXM for 11 years and handle our field team analytics and operations for over well 200 people. My wife and I moved to Round Hill, VA in 2012 and are regulars during each WDCR road racing event.