Racing is racing!

Over the winter months the Washington DC Region hosts an online racing league utilizing the popular racing simulator platform iRacing.

Dubbed VirtualMARRS, the league usually races low-horsepower race cars similar to an actual MARRS field on tracks familiar to our east-coast based membership.

Our website, is home to the Region’s online racing community and has all the information about the current season and how to get involved.

The league is open to all WDCR SCCA members, friends and family members with an iRacing account and a D-Level (or better) road racing license.  New league members can join the WDCR league by clicking the LEAGUES menu in iRacing and selecting LEAGUE DIRECTORY.  From there, search for 'WDCR' and click the Join link located all the way on the right.

If you'd like more information about the league, visit, fill out the contact form below or simply send an email to

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