The Washington DC Region Board of Directors serves to:

  • Establish policies and oversees the implementation for the Region.

  • Appoint committees and their chairpersons.

  • Elect the Regional Executive and other officers of the Region.

  • Manage the finances of the Region and oversee the functions of the Region Administrator (Heidi S. Weir).

  • Renew the Region's Charter, run the regional elections and establish the regional dues.

  • Promote the Region, both directly and with others, via marketing and outreach events.

  • Are responsible to ensure that the region operates within the guidelines of the SCCA and the laws governing tax exempt organizations.

  • Listen to complaints and arbitrate the solutions within the Region.

  • Select several of the regional award winners.

  • Represent the Region at the divisional and national level.

  • Individual members of the Board serve as liaisons between major committees and the BOD.

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Armbrust, CW.jpg

C. Wayne Armbrust,
Region Executive

SCCA MEMBER: 20 years
WDCR MEMBER: 20 years


  • Club Racing volunteer

  • Assistant Flag Chief (2006-2010)

  • WDCR Flag Chief for another year (2011)

  • F&C Divisional Administrator for the SCCA Northeast Division (2011-)

  • Director of Club Racing (2011-2014)

  • HPDE program volunteer; helped find facilities for the Rally Cross program

Highlight: I had top notch assistance from a volunteer support staff that we assembled as a management team for the WDCR Club Racing Program. We hosted the first Super Tour for the DC Region, an event that continues through this current season.

Licenses: WDCR Competition Driver School (2015); completed the requirements for a competition license (2016).

PERSONAL: I worked in management for the metals mining industry, specifically in the maintenance and engineering departments of some large hard rock mines, mills, smelting, and refining. Most of the work was in the western U.S. eventually retiring from the last assignment in Alaska.

Since retirement, I have spent considerable time in volunteer community service within Clarke County, Virginia including over 12 Years serving on the 911 Emergency Communications upgrade committee, Industrial Development Authority, and Barns of Rose Hill development and Construction Committee.

I am also U.S. Air Force veteran.

Fitzgerald-D Pic.JPG

Dave Fitzgerald,
Asst. Region Executive   703-919-7837

SCCA MEMBER: since 2006


  • Liason for Intra-Region Development 

  • Introduced to WDCR through the Auto-X program in 1995. From there it was a slippery slope from track days to Club Racing in a relatively short period.

  • HPDE program (2014-) participant, instructor, and member of the HPDE/Time Trials Organizing Committee.

Licenses: Competition license (2006)

PERSONAL: For the past 19 years, my day job is to manage the I.T. infrastructure of a mid-sized family owned company. I provide technical support, planning and implementation of new initiatives, develop and manage the I.T. budget and negotiate contracts and terms with vendors.


MIKE SNYDER, Treasurer

SCCA MEMBER: since 1992

SCCA INVOLVEMENT (as a member of the Sports Car Club of America and AutoCrossers, Inc. – DC Region chapter club.)

  • By 1996 I was in charge of our autocross events at Camden Yards, the largest events in the area at that time.

  • I started doing National level events, both Pro Solo and Tours in 1996.

  • I have been to Nationals and the Pro Finale 17 times, trophying four times.

  • At Nationals, I have served as Grid Chief, Chief of Course, Operating Steward and Assistant Chief Steward.

  • I have served two year stints as President, Treasurer, and Vice President of AutoCrossers, Inc.

  • I have been a Solo 2 Safety Steward for 15 years.


  • 5+ years on the Board of Directors

  • As a DC Region member I have helped operate the National level events in Petersburg and FedEx Stadium.

PERSONAL: I’m married with a son and daughter residing in Burtonsville, MD. I hold a degree in Business Administration, with a minor in Computer Science and Management. I am an owner of Advantage Electrostatic Refinishers, Inc., a painting company I co-founded in 1984. I also have a Baltimore City Development Company called Chester Street Associates.

Roberts, Shawn.jpg

Shawn Roberts, Secretary

WDCR MEMBER: since 2004


  • In 2005, my wife and I did 50+ different autocross events in the Mid-Atlantic area

  • Joined the DC Solo committee (2006).

  • Solo safety steward (2007-10)

  • Solo chair (2010-)

  • Started Rallycrossing in 2011 and took over administration of Rallycross website

  • Involved in registration and timing for the Rallycross events

  • Became Rallycross safety steward in 2013

  • Trophied at the last 2 Rallycross Nationals with 2 different Miatas and will be attending my 3rd Nationals this fall.

PERSONAL: I have worked in computer support for Montgomery College for the last 17 years and live in Woodbridge, VA with my wife Katie, and a few less Miatas than you would see in a Spec Miata race.

Olson, Alan.jpg

Alan Olson, Director

WDCR MEMBER: since 2004


  • Administrator and Driver’s Representative for the SSM Race Class (2015-)

  • Regional Competitor (2004-)

  • National Competitor (now Majors) since 2004

  • Regional Registrar

  • Regional Scrutineer

  • SM Racer

  • 2011 Summit Point National Winner in SM

  • SSM Racer SSM Administrator for past 3 years. SSM Driver Representative (2015-)

  • Current SRF3 Racer

  • Volunteer: registration, pit lane/grid, timing and scoring, as well as in the tech shed.

HIGHLIGHTS: As SSM Administrator, we drastically changed the process for “Sealing” all cars that compete in the SSM class. Many said such an undertaking could not be successful. The results speak for themselves as we took a popular class and increased participation while other classes saw decreasing participation. 

PERSONAL: I bring a business background to the process as a Financial Planner for my own firm with 30 years of successful business experience. I am a racer; however, I have attended solos, instructed in HPDE and participated in rallies (in the 80’s).


Russell Gardner, Director

WDCR MEMBER: since ????

SCCA MEMBER: since 2005

Competition license (2005-20017)
National Steward
Assistant Chief Steward at Runoffs (2015-2018)
Editor, “Stewards Notes”

Member, Board of Directors (2017-present)
Instructor, Driver’s School
Chair, Bylaws Committee
Steward, Road Racing Events

PERSONAL: I am a semi-retired attorney, with a focus on employment law and related litigation at a national law firm. I now devote much of my time to serving as General Counsel to a rare disease patient advocacy organization. I make my home in Baltimore with my wife, Jeanne.
I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve in numerous leadership roles throughout my career, from college class president to president of my HOA to chair of my law firm’s practice group. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve you as a member of the WDCR’s Board of Directors.

Claffie-K Pic.jpg

Kathleen (Kate) Claffie, Director

SCCA MEMBER: since 2009

WDCR INVOLVEMENT (including Autocrossers, Inc., DC Region Chapter Club):

  • Started autocrossing with WDCR and Autocrossers Inc. in mid-2009

  • Joined the Autocrossers Inc Committee in late 2011, and have served as the President and the Vice President

  • Joined the WDCR Solo Committee in 2013, and have been the Chief of Waivers (aka “Kate at the Gate”) since then.

  • Promoted to Assistant Solo Chair in 2018 to further enable the region program and its events run smoothly

PERSONAL: Prior to autocrossing, I spent my weekends doing race photography for a lower-level NASCAR Division. I am “owned” by three rescue pugs, and have been involved in pug rescue with volunteer work and fundraising. My day job includes handling privacy and security concerns for my office.


Mike McKee, Director

SCCA MEMBER: since 2012


  • Joined NCC Autocross committee in 2015


  • Participant in Autocross events since 2012

  • Joined Autocross committee in 2016 as novice coordinator

PERSONAL: I'm a former Project Manager who has recently returned to teaching High School Science and Robotics at the Jemicy School.

Natirboff-K Pic.jpg

Kahlil Natirboff

WDCR MEMBER: since 2015


  • Membership Liaison

  • Long Term Planning Committee (LTPC) Member

  • SSM Road Racer

  • HPDE Instructor & Time trials participant

  • Rally Cross driver

  • Kart League

  • WDCR iRacer
    PERSONAL: I work in the engineering and manufacturing software industry. I have helped several large companies and government organizations determine better ways to create and maintain their products. Though my wife and I now live in Washington DC, I grew up near Summit Point WV and was drawn to the excitement of sports cars. In my teens, I flagged at Summit Point Raceway. Now, I’m participating in club racing in the SSM class and enjoying every moment.


Josh Rubenstein

Newly elected, takes office 12/01/19

WDCR SCCA Member: 5 Years

WDCR Involvement

- Time Trials and HPDE Participant
- Road Racing License Holder, 2018
- Time Trials Program Chair, 2018-Present Day
- Long Term Planning Committee Member, 2019

A graphic designer, Josh Rubenstein has been working in communications for over ten years in both the non-profit and private sectors. He got his start in motorsports thirteen years ago as a member of the Sports Car Club at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, autocrossing the same Mazda Miata he races today. Josh joined the WDCR SCCA five years ago, earned his Road Racing license in 2018, and is chair of the Time Trials program and a member of the Long Term Planning Committee.


Pam Richardson

Newly elected. Takes office 12/01/19

Newly elected. Takes office 12/01/19SCCA Member: 33 years
WDCR Member: 29 years

WDCR Efforts

  • Club Racing Steward Program, 2000-present

  • CRC member/Big Bore Drivers' Rep, 2008-present

SCCA National Efforts

  • American Sedan Committee, 2010-2018, Chair, 2011-2018

  • Club Racing Board Secretary, 2012-2018

  • National Club Racing Competition, 2001-2005

  • Regional Club Racing Competition, 1992-2000, 2006-2018

  • Crew Chief and Chief Engineer for the AS 15 Camaro, driven by Danny Richardson, 2005-present


  • Club Racing Competition, 1992-2018

  • Steward, 2002-present

Personal: I worked for NASA (the space people) from 1975-2008 in the Space Shuttle Orbiter Experiments Program and Aerodynamic Computational Fluid Dynamics at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA.  Then, in 1990, transferred to NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, as a Program Manager for various NASA Aero Research Center Programs. The last 11 years of my career, I was in Safety, Mission Assurance, and Systems Engineering at Headquarters for the Aero Research Centers.  A couple of highlights for that work are: the X-43 Scramjet Accident Investigation and Return to Flight Teams, and working the Space Shuttle STS-116 Flow from launch to return, from the Safety side.
Since I retired in 2008, I have been volunteering for SCCA, and managing the Richardson Racing Team American Sedan Camaro.

want to get involved?

The BOD meets once a month. Board members typically spend an average of three hours a week on Region business, but a few spend much more. The pay for BOD members is a free meal at the monthly meeting. When things go right, you are invisible. When things go wrong, you are not. The experience and the friendship of your fellow board members are the rewards. If you love the sport and respect the club, it is all worthwhile. 

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