Guide to SCCA Flags

Flagging and Communications, the F&C people, can be found all the way around the course on any race day. Next to the drivers, the flaggers are the most visible people on the track. Read more about F&C by clicking here.


The green flag when displayed at the Starter’s Bridge indicates the course is clear and racing is underway.

Blue with a yellow or orange slash indicates another car is rapidly overtaking a car and may attempt to pass. Check your mirrors! This is an advisory flag.

Yellow and red stripe surface flag indicates oil, gas, water, gravel, sand, mud, rocks or some other debris is on thetrack surface. Traction may be compromised.


A white flag tells a driver a slow-moving vehicle such as a car with mechanical trouble or an emergency vehicle is moving well below race speed on the racing surface.

The mechanical flag indicates a driver has a mechanical problem and should come into to the pits

When a red flag is displayed it is shown at all stations and at start. The session has stopped and drivers must come to a controlled stop on the side of the race course.


A single stationary or “standing” yellow tells drivers to slow down because something hazardous is off of the race surface but in the area, such as a vehicle off course, an emergency vehicle attending to a disabled car, an exposed corner worker in an unsafe area. Passing is not allowed in the zone covered by the single standing yellow.

A waving yellow indicates that drivers must slow down and be prepared to take evasive action or stop to avoid an obstruction in the roadway. Passing is not allowed in the zone covered by the waving yellow.

Double yellow flags displayed at all stations mean that a full-course caution is in effect. Drivers must slow down. Passing is not allowed anywhere on the track.

An open black flag, displayed by Start and Black Flag Station with a number board displaying a driver’s car number. This open flag tells a specific driver to come to the pits to meet with officials. When black flags are displayed at all corner stations, the race session has halted and cars must come into the pits.

A closed or furled black displayed with a number board at the Start Bridge is a warning to a driver that improper actions have been observed.

A checkered flag tells drivers that the race or session has ended.