This person keeps track of the schedule and makes appropriate announcements to keep things moving along. This position is the communicator between grid, paddock, and the classroom. Friendly but Firm is appreciated!

emergency vehicle

This position requires some special training and love of adrenaline. This position is key to keeping our participants and instructors safe as you will be one of the first responders to the scene of a run off into a gravel trap, contact with a tire wall, or a fluid spill on track.


Flagging is a very important position, if not the most important. You will be sent out to a corner with an experienced flagger to keep a careful eye on the cars on track. You’ll learn what the various flags mean to the drivers and what to do it there’s an incident. Learning to flag with the HPDE & TT program is a gateway to flagging in our SCCA MARRS races and beyond.


This is where much of the action is all day. HPDE tech inspection is in the AM and you can help collect the pre event tech forms, look over each car for on track safety concerns and generally keep cars moving. Once the on track sessions begin, you can help line cars up on the grid, release the cars on track and guide them back into the paddock at the end of each session. Repeat as necessary. Time Trials tech inspection is normally done in a different location but it’s another great opportunity to help out and make new friends.

timing and scoring

Are you comfortable with technology? Do you pay attention to those details when a car goes by at speed? Timing and scoring only takes place for our Time Trial group so you will have a lot of down time in between. This position is great for someone with children, or someone who enjoys reading books or doing basic crafts. This is an indoor position, so air conditioning may be available.