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Road Rallying is a contest of precision. These timed events are scored by matching the contestants speed/times from checkpoint to checkpoint over a prescribed route.

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We use street roads throughout the region

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road rally FAQs

We will have both a Novice Class for newcomers and a Seat-of-the-Pants class for those who enjoy driving the route, but don’t wish to bother with the fine details of timekeeping.

A rally school will be held in mid-June for newcomers and those wishing to dust off old skills or improve their results.

A Regional Championship with year-end awards has been established which recognizes three basic groups:

SERIOUS RALLYISTS may compete in the three basic SCCA classes combined for year-end awards:

  • Equipped – a class for computers that integrate distance and time.

  • Limited – a class for cars equipped with auxiliary odometers capable of precise mileage measurement.

  • Stock – a class for ‘pencil and paper’ timekeeping utilizing a basic calculator, tables and a stock odometer.

MGs of Baltimore, a local marque club that had been holding road rallies for classic cars since 1991, joined the SCCA road rally ‘family’ in the late 90s. So, there are classes for enthusiasts who wish to rally their classic MG, Porsche, Triumph or other.

  • Vintage – cars built prior to 1962

  • Historic – cars built between 1962 and 1981

NEWCOMERS and ‘RECREATIONAL’ competitors are also considered:

  • Novice – a class for those with less than 10 events who have never trophied

  • Seat-of-the-Pants – a class for those who wish to compete without recourse to computers, special odometers, calculators or tables.

The most important feature of the program is that there is a place for everyone. There is no reason for anyone to be intimidated by equipment or experience. There is a home for everyone. For one thing, you will not get lost. It is not unusual for Junior High School students to navigate their parents to a solid finish. It is a great opportunity for parent/offspring automotive activities. Participation by minors does require a special permission form signed by both parents.

Safety is always a concern, but it is not a problem for WDC Region Road Rally events. For one thing, they carry SCCA insurance. The events are pre-checked by SCCA Safety Stewards for both accuracy of the route instructions and for safety.  

rules and scoring

We are always pleased when contenders for the SCCA National Rally Championship and the Mid Atlantic Rally Series contest our events even though the events are pitched to those on lower rungs of the competition ladder. 

This year there will be a Washington DC Regional Championship for those with less than 50 lifetime points. This championship is aimed at the novices, recreational rallyists and marque club members looking for low-key competition and fun with like-minded friends.


  • SCCA Classes Equipped, Limited and Stock combined using a well established formula to equalize performance

  • Classes Historic and Vintage combined

  • Classes Seat-of-the-Pants and Novice combined


  • 1st =10, 2d = 8, 3d = 6, 4th =4, 5th = 2

  • Those filling the positions Rallymaster, Safety Steward, Route Checker, Checkpoint Marshall, etc. will be awarded points equal to the average number of points they earned on other events during the season

  • All events on the Regional Calendar count toward the Championship

octagram club

Octagram Club is a sister organization that helps to facilitate and organize WDCR Road Rally events. Check out their website:

NOTE: The resource library is off-site, hosted on Google Drive. Visit the resource library to access the following:

  • Archives

  • Rally School Insurance Certificate

  • Results

  • SCCA Minor Waiver