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The award winning Straightpipe newsletter was first published in July 1959, on actual paper. In 1965 it received Honorable Mention in the national Best Region Publication Awards, editors Joan and Walter Phillips. In 1966 it was awarded First Place in the same awards, editor Cynthia Keppel. Subsequent editors included Carla Heath, O.C. Carlisle, Cindy Expel, Dave Roethel and Eddie Amatucci, Taylor Hyatt, and currently Alan Claffie. Their voluntary contributions are vast and much appreciated. 

The Straightpipe was a monthly mailer until 2007 when it went out every other month, finally appearing on the Washington DC Region web site after 2008. Thanks to our sponsors, it now appears on the site as a quarterly publication featuring articles about the people, experiences, many various events, information and opportunities within our Region, as well as a place to buy, sell and even rent all things car related.

Here’s an additional list of the folks who have made the Straightpipe what it is today. 

Ray C. Isaacs II – 1967, Tom Balzer – 1968, Margaret Murphy – 1969, Ben Newton – 1970, David Zych - 1971 through 76, Gerard & Nicole La Crouix – 1977, Mary Lynn Ray - 1978 through 79, Donna Beacham – 1980, Elaine Capen – 1991, Tom Hoffman - 1992 through 94 , Jennifer Adams & Paul E. Glock – 1995, Dale B. Smith - 1995 & 1996, Don & Sarah Barrack 1997 through 2001, Cynthia & Steve Jeffries - 2002 through 2003, Thomas Jordan - 2004 through 2005, Bill Hutchins & Lois Burleigh - 2006 through 2008.

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