High Performance Driver Education (HPDE)

HPDE events are strictly non-competitive and are based on in-car and classroom instruction and practice of performance driving and car handling.

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Email HPDE Program Chair Chuck Edmondson 


Summit Point Motorsports Park
201 Motorsports Park Cir. Summit Point, WV 25446
We use all 3 tracks at Summit Point: Main, Shenandoah and Jefferson

Dominion Raceway
6501 Dominion Raceway Ave Thornburg, VA 22580
2020 Will be an exciting year for us @ Dominion

Click here for the WDCR Events Calendar for a list filtered to only the HPDE Events with more details and registration links once they’re available.

High Performance Driver Education FAQs

+ 2019 WDCR HPDE Schedule

  • See the calendar link above to get to registration links
  • Links to the daily schedules are at the bottom of the page in the resource library
  • **Season Subscription is only open until March 31
  • March 9th & 10th - [HPDE / Time Trials] (Main)
  • March 30th - Instructor Clinic w/ Advanced Session HPDE (Shenandoah)
  • March 31st - HPDE / Time Trials (Shenandoah)
  • May 4th & 5th - HPDE / Time Trials (Main)
  • July 6th & 7th - HPDE / Time Trials (Shenandoah)
  • August 17th & 18th - HPDE / Time Trials (Shenandoah)
  • September 14th & 15th - HPDE / Time Trials (Shenandoah)
  • October 19th & 20th - HPDE / Time Trials (Jefferson)

+ When can i register for events?

HPDE events open for on-line registration approximately five weeks prior to the event. The close for registration is the Monday prior to the event at midnight EST. Late registrations will not be accepted. See the calendar link above to get the registration links.

+ New Incentive Programs for 2019

  • Flag one day and Drive the same weekend for $20
    • Flag and drive must happen on the same weekend.
    • Flagging day, Saturday or Sunday, will be decided based on the needs of the program.
    • $20 covers sanction and insurance.
    • Limited to six flaggers per weekend
    • Saturday drivers that skip out on Sunday flagging will be charged the full Saturday rate.
    • Credits are Transferable to others
    • Credits must be used by the end of the following calendar year. (e.g. credits earned in 2019 expire at the end of 2020)
    • Credits may not be redeemed for cash value
  • Work 2 days, get one free
    • Volunteer for day at a HPDE&TT event and earn one credit. After you volunteer 2 days you’ll earn your own track day OR you can give it to another person! Folks that earned credits in 2018 under the old incentive program will be accepted under this new version.
    • Your “Worker Chief” provides training and equipment, WDCR-SCCA provides you a weekend membership so that you are officially a member of the club and covered by our insurance policy during your work stint. Bring a spouse, other relation or a friend to earn too, and if they are not interested in tracking, they can help you earn your FREE entry faster by giving their day to you!
    • Other benefits include: free lunch, a cool tee shirt and, a thrilling ride along with an instructor on track.

Grid is where much of the action is all day. HPDE tech inspection is in the morning and you can help collect the pre event tech forms, look over each car for on track safety concerns and generally keep cars moving. Once the on track sessions begin, you can help line cars up on the grid, release the cars on track and guide them back into the paddock at the end of each session. Repeat as necessary. Time Trial tech inspection is normally done in a different location but it’s another great opportunity to help out and make new friends.

Announcer This person works hand in hand with Grid to keep track of the schedule and make appropriate announcements to keep things moving along. This position is the communicator between grid, paddock, and the classroom. Friendly but Firm is appreciated! Flagging is a very important position, if not the most important. You will be sent out to a corner with an experienced flagger to keep a careful eye on the cars on track. You’ll learn what the various flags mean to the drivers and what to do it there’s an incident. Learning to flag with the HPDE & TT program is a gateway to flagging in our SCCA MARRS races and beyond.

EV (Emergency Vehicle) requires some special training and love of adrenaline. This position is key to keeping our participants and instructors safe as you will be one of the first responders to the scene of a run off into a gravel trap, contact with a tire wall, or a fluid spill on track.

Timing and Scoring Are you comfortable with technology? Do you pay attention to those details when a car goes by at speed? Timing and scoring only takes place for our Time Trial group so you will have a lot of down time in between. This position is great for someone with children, or someone who enjoys reading books or doing basic crafts. This is an indoor position, so air conditioning may be available.

  • Credits must be used by the end of the following calendar year. (e.g. credits earned in 2019 expire at the end of 2020).
  • Credits may not be redeemed for cash value.

+ What do i need to know about car numbers?

Participants are required to select a number in MSR when registering online and provide a legible number on the car. These may be magnetics (provided that they are able to stay on the car at speeds exceeding 75mph), vinyl, contrasting painters tape (for example, do not use blue tape on a blue or black car, it isn't legible), or printed numbers that will be taped to the car.

Car numbers should be at least 8 inches high and 1 inch wide; the bigger, and the more space makes them more legible to our corner workers. To test, put your numbers on your car and walk back 50 feet. If your numbers are still legible then you are good to go!

If you signed up in MSR prior to our number system being in place, please contact kim@tubas.net or 410-857-4116 (weeknights, 8:00-9:30pm.

+ Should i get on-track insurance?

The WDCR HPDE Events Program events have been approved by Lockton Affinity/Lockton Motorsports for their HPDE Insurance Program. If you're worried about the financial impact of having an "oops" during an on-track session, check them out. Rates seem to be reasonable. Please note that this is program is solely offered by Lockton, not SCCA or the DC Region. We do intend to make sure that the rest of our programs are also elegible for their coverage as well. Our understanding is that this coverage is ONLY for the HPDE sessions, not the Time Trials session.

+ How do I prepare my car for a track day?

Have you car inspected by a technician / mechanic prior to the event and have them complete the (Attached) Pre-Event Technical Inspection form.

  • Have magnetic numbers or use painters tape for numbers to identify your car on track. USE THE NUMBER YOU SIGNED UP WITH!
  • Check that all fluids are topped off, tires are up to pressure, and brake lights are functioning
  • Gas (expensive) and Air are available at the track

+ What should i bring with me?

  • Secure a SA or MA 2005 or better helmet
  • Tire pressure gauge. There is air available at the track
  • Engine oil. Same weight as what is currently in your engine
  • Brake fluid. Same temperature rating as what is currently in your car
  • Engine coolant or distilled water
  • Basic tools
  • Food and drinks are available at the Summit Point Cafe or bring your own drinks and edibles for the day…STAY HYDRATED

+ What do i do when i get to the track?

  • Arrive at the track at 7 AM. Sign the waiver at the main gate. Once through the gate, go straight on the main road and bear right up the hill to the stop sign. Turn left, then bear right over the bridge and down to the paddock area.
  • Locate a paddock area and remove all loose items from your car:
    • Remove EVERYTHING in your trunk, from the cabin, door pockets, sun visors, and glove box.
    • Remove the floor mats
    • Check under the seat for stray bottles, etc.
  • Put numbers on your car
  • Gather your paperwork and make your way to Registration. (At the Shenandoah track it’s the far right door on the main building.)
  • At registration you will sign the SCCA waiver and receive your driver’s packet which will include a schedule and your Instructor assignment.
  • Once you’re registered you will need to have your car and your personal safety gear checked.
  • Gather your helmet, the completed Pre-Event Tech form and proceed to the grid area to have your car looked over by the tech staff. Access the grid by entering at the far right and going to the left.
  • Attend the mandatory Drivers Meeting when announced and meet your Instructor after the meeting.
  • After this, you are ready for the day's track activities as per your schedule.

+ How can I make sure things go right during my track day?

  • Check you car regularly and especially after each track session
  • Check under the hood for obvious leaks, check your oil and fluids
  • Check your tire pressures carefully all day
  • ALSO check torque of your wheel lug nuts
  • Stay hydrated through the day and eat regularly
  • Take advantage of a ride along during the Instructor sessions. They are your mobile classrooms so use this experiences at every opportunity
  • Ask around if you have any questions about anything you encounter during the day. We are a very friendly and welcoming bunch of track rats and really enjoy helping everyone we can. I will be on Grid all day if you have any questions please come see John or Dave.
  • There is a snack bar that is open from 9 AM to 2 PM with snacks, beverages and ice.

Event Pricing 2019

Season Subscription for Track Event or Time Trials, 6 events $1855, no refunds for participant cancelation
Season subscription for both Track Event and Time Trials, 6 events $2355, no refunds for participant cancelation

2-day HPDE or TT - Main - $395
1-day HPDE or TT - Main - $295
NEW: An "All You Can Eat" option - Entry into both advanced HPDE and Time Trials
AYCE - 2-day Main - $495
AYCE - 1-day Main - $395

2-day HPDE or TT - Jefferson - $355
1-day HPDE or TT -  Jefferson - $255
NEW: An “All You Can Eat” option - Entry into both advanced HPDE and Time Trials
AYCE – 2-Day  Jefferson    $455
AYCE – 1-Day  Jefferson    $355 

2-day HPDE or TT - Shenandoah - $355
1-day HPDE or TT - Shenandoah - $255
NEW: An “All You Can Eat” option - Entry into both advanced HPDE and Time Trials
AYCE – 2-Day Shenandoah    $455
AYCE – 1-Day Shenandoah    $355

April (Instructor clinic on Shenandoah)
Instructor Clinic - $50 (for those interested in becoming instructors)
Advanced HPDE - $280

NOTE: The resource library is off-site, hosted on Google Drive. Visit the resource library to access the following:

  • Archives

  • Daily Schedules for HPDE/TT

  • In-Car Coach Guidelines

  • Maps: Summit Point circuits

  • Pre-Event Technical Inspection Form

  • HPDE and Time Trial Supplementary Regulations