SCCA Road Racing

WDCR is host to the Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series, one of the largest and most successful club level racing series in the country. We also host a driving school, and hold the first round of the North East Division NESCCA Championship.

High PErformance Driving

HPDE events are strictly non-competitive and are based on in-car and classroom instruction and practice of performance driving and car handling. Learn at your own pace with the fun factor our main objective. Events are held at Summit Point Motorsports Park.

SCCA Autocross

Autocross is a relatively low-speed competition in which one driver at a time negotiates sweeps and turns defined by cones. Maximum speeds on course are approximately 60MPH. Scoring is usually based on raw times within classes of similarly equipped vehicles.

Time Trials


Road Rally

Time Trials can be your first taste of motorsports competition. TT is a timed event, with regional and national points assigned to finish placement. It's an easy step up from Advanced HPDE, and welcomes cars that are qualified to run in HPDE or race prepped cars. TT is usually run the same day as HPDE's, so there's an opportunity for tons of track time.

It's racing on dirt, gravel, grass, and sometimes mud on a course defined by cones. Each run you make counts towards the final results, and the conditions often change throughout the day, challenging drivers to be fast but also stay consistent.

Road Rallying is a contest of precision. Contestants follow a prescribed route at prescribed average (legal) speeds. Contestants visit checkpoints where their passage is timed. Scoring is based on matching the speeds/times from checkpoint to checkpoint.

Hill Climb

Boasting some of the oldest events in the world, some dating back more than a century, HillClimb is when a section of road on a mountain is blocked off from commuter traffic and drivers take turns seeing who can complete the course the fastest. Unlike a road course – which may have multiple levels of barriers, or an autocross where rubber cones are usually the biggest risk – a HillClimb course is lined with trees and rocks. Getting to the top unscathed is a mix of bravery and discretion, and the most successful are crowned “King of the Hill.”

What comes next?

Virtual Racing

You might think that here in the Mid Atlantic, we pack up the racing hobby for the winter and put it up on the shelf. Not so fast. It’s OK to put the race car away, just make sure to break out the PC and join in on our winter season of racing online.