2017 Annual Meeting, Elections Announcement

The Washington DC Region's Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, October 10th 2017 at 8:00 pm at the Comfort Inn Capital Beltway, 4050 Powder Mill Rd., Beltsville, MD, 20705.

Let your voice be heard!  This is an open members' meeting and your chance to ask questions and hear directly from the hard-working volunteers who help run our club.

Our 2017-2018 Board of Directors election will be concluded at the end of the Annual Meeting.  On-line voting will be available on or about August 28th after the secretary prepares the ballot per the Bylaws.  I will send links to the bios and ballots and everything you need, so watch for more information coming soon.

There are 4 open positions on the board this year. A basic slate of 2017-2018 nominees has been selected by our Nominating Committee in member number order:

  • C. Wayne Armbrust
  • Hayes Lewis
  • John Nesbitt
  • Shawn Roberts
  • Alan R. Olson
  • Mike McKee

If you or someone you know would also like to be included on the ballot, there is still time!  An individual's nomination for the Board must be received by the Board at least 60 days before the election date (must be received by August 11th, 2017).  The DC Region Bylaws identify the requirements for Nomination to the BoD as follows:

To be eligible for election as a Director an individual must meet the following requirements:

  1. The individual must have been a Voting Member of the Region for the past four consecutive years determined from the date of the election.
  2. The individual must be 18 years of age at the date of the election.
  3. The individual may not be an owner, member of a governing body or officer of an organization whose events or activities directly compete with the Region's or SCCA's events or activities.
  4. The individual must be nominated by any twenty Voting Members submitting a written nomination petition to the Board or by a Nominating Committee of at least 3 Voting Members appointed by the Board.
  5. The individual's nomination for the Board must be received by the Board sixty days before the election date. Any question of the eligibility of any individual shall be determined by a majority vote of the Board.

You may submit a petition to the Nominating Committee per the Region Bylaws.  Please see the full Bylaws on our website.

Your 2017-2018 Election Committee Members are:
Chairman:  Chuck Edmondson – fastcarphysics@gmail.com
Mike Snyder: msnyder@cqmtg.com
Dave Fitzgerald: dafitzgerald@gmail.com