Contest! PDX needs a new name

SCCA National lost the trademark on the name "PDX" and "Performance Driving Experience".  We thought we would give you an opportunity to help us pick a new name.  The person who submits the new name selected by the committee will receive a free day of PDX! er, ah, well, let's say a free day of "xPDX" in 2019. 

Entries must be received by midnight on 24 December 2018.  Send your suggestions to with subject line "xPDX".

Please do not respond to this email with your contest submissions.

For inquiring minds: After 10 years of building the PDX brand we are very disappointed to lose our name, but we need to move on.  You might wonder, what does the SCCA National office call us now?  xPDX is now part of "Track Events".  The National website ( says that Track Events include "Track Days" and "Track Night in America".  (Oddly, Time Trials and Road Racing are not Track Events.)  So PDX is now a Track Day?  Except for that one mention on that webpage, "Track Day" is not used by National in any other reference.  The rules and sanctions all just call it a Track Event.  We consider that name to be both boring and confusing.  We need a new name, our own unique name.  So help us out!