Club Racing Program Charter

Washington DC Region
Sports Car Club of America
Club Racing Program Charter

This Charter supersedes the CRC Charter of 6/29/2015. 
The Board of Directors (Board) of the Washington DC Region SCCA, Inc (WDCR) hereby establishes the WDCR Club Racing Committee (CRC) to assist the Director of Club Racing (DCR) in managing the WDCR club racing program. The CRC is an advisory committee to the DCR and any actions taken by the Director of Club Racing, the Executive Committee and the Club Racing Committee are subject to review and approval by the Board of Directors. 

DCR Objectives
The DCR shall ensure that all club racing events conducted by the region provide a positive and competitive experience for both drivers and race officials and that all participants have an opportunity to compete safely and in conformance with the SCCA’s General Competition Regulations (GCR). The DCR is expected to consider both membership and financial implications in their actions. 

CRC Responsibilities
The CRC’s responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Assist the DCR in determining which club racing events are in the best interest of the region’s members and the region’s financial success. 
  • Suggesting new club racing events that will enhance the quality and success of the region’s club racing program. 
  • Assist the DCR in preparing a budget for the next racing season. 
  • Assist the DCR in the creation and/or modification of the supplementary regulations for any WDCR club racing event. 
  • Assist the DCR in establishing the composition of the race groups in WDCR’s club racing events in conformity with the GCR. 
  • Assist the DCR in establishing criteria for individual Optional Regional classes, including: (1) both addition and deletion of classes; (2) approval of rule sets for proposed new classes as well as changes to rules of existing classes in good standing; and (3) determining when a class no longer meets the criteria for an Optional Regional class and should be suspended or dismantled. 
  • Assist the DCR in determining where and when the region will participate in out-of-region events as part of the Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series (MARRS). 

CRC Composition
The CRC shall be composed of WDCR members representing worker specialties and driver representatives (CRC Members). As well as a Steward Representative who will function in an advisory, nonvoting capacity to the CRC. 

Any CRC member with a management, ownership or employee relationship in any business that would be affected by a specific CRC decision must recuse themselves from voting on that issue. 

Director of Club Racing
The Board will appoint a Director of Club Racing (DCR) who will serve as chair of the CRC and will organize and direct the activities of the CRC. The DCR may establish subcommittees to review certain issues, as needed, and to report back to the full committee. The DCR shall appoint two or three principle assistants, subject to Board approval, to aid in the planning and execution of the Region’s racing activities. The DCR and his principle assistants shall constitute the Executive Committee of club racing. 

Worker Specialty Members
The Chief of Specialty shall be a National license holder in their specialty and be responsible for the staffing of the Region's club racing events with properly qualified, trained, and experienced workers, per Section 5 of the GCR. The Chief of Specialty shall be responsible for developing policies and providing training to the workers within the specialty, as required. They shall be familiar with the contents of their specialty’s manual as published by SCCA and maintain close communications with the Divisional Administrator of their specialty. A Chief may designate an Assistant Chief/s who, under the direction of the Chief, will have the same authority in making and enforcing policy or making decisions as the Chief. The assistant or another qualified, properly licensed individual may serve as an event specialty chief when designated by the Chief of Specialty or, in the absence of a Chief of Specialty, by the DCR. Only one vote per specialty is permitted in CRC actions. The Chief Instructor is a limited voting member of the CRC and may cast a vote only on Driver’s School related issues. 

WDCR Specialty Chiefs will be selected or reconfirmed on an annual basis before or during the regularly scheduled January Board meeting. It is intended that the nomination of any new Chief(s) for each worker specialty be made by the outgoing Chief and the DCR. In those rare cases where consensus between the DCR and outgoing Chief of Specialty is not possible, the DCR may nominate a new Chief of Specialty, subject to the approval of the Region’s Board. Final approval of all Chiefs and assistants lie with the Region's Board. 

Driver Representatives Members
At a MARRS event designated by the CRC near the end of the current season, preferably the Labor Day MARRS, each class that is eligible may select a Driver Representative to serve on the committee for the following season. 

  • In order to be eligible for a Driver Representative, a class must have averaged five or more participants during the prior season of MARRS championship events held at Summit Point Motorsports Park. 
  • Where classes do not meet the eligibility criteria to have their own Driver Representative, the CRC will determine, prior to the event at which Driver Representatives are selected, which classes should be combined to select a common Driver Representative (i.e. big bore, small bore, large formula). If a member selected to the CRC is unable to attend a meeting, they may designate an alternate to attend the meeting. 
  • If for any reason a Driver Representative finds him or herself no longer able to serve, the class or group shall meet at the next scheduled MARRS event to select a new Representative. In the case of an urgent need for representation, the DCR may appoint an interim Representative to serve until the next scheduled MARRS event. 

All Members
All CRC members are expected, as part of their duties, to ACTIVELY REQUEST the input of all of the members they represent regarding matters before the committee and to fairly and accurately present the input they receive to the committee. All members are expected to attend general meetings as called by the DCR on a regular basis, and are expected to be present at Region racing events to represent their specialties or classes of drivers, or to appoint an alternate chief or point of contact if they are unable to attend. 

Decision Making Procedures
The CRC should reach decisions by consensus. However, absent a clear consensus, the DCR may call for a non-binding vote. The DCR shall carefully consider the input of the CRC, however DCR must make decisions, subject to the review of the BOD, which he or she believe are in the best interest of the region and the program. Members of the CRC who are dissatisfied with the actions of the DCR may petition the BOD to review the decisions of the DCR. The decision to conduct such reviews is at the discretion of the Regional Executive. 

All committee members are expected to perform their duties with respect for their fellow members. The chair will employ “Roberts Rules of Order,” as needed, to manage the meetings of the committee. 

Striking a balance
The goal of the club racing program is to build and sustain the highest quality club racing program in country. It should be fun and exciting for racers, workers as well as for spectators. At the same time we want to promote safety and maintain a program which is financially sound. It is important to keep in mind that the majority of club racing’s income is generated at in-region at-home races. It is therefore critical to the health of the program to minimize actions which tend to reduce car counts at our home region races. On the other hand, out-of-region (OOR) races are attractive to some members and contribute to the health of the program. A race series without OOR races would quickly become stale. Another factor which contributes to the health of the program is to control the rise of entry fees. The best way to do that is to increase participation. 

The bottom line is that the DCR, Executive Committee and the CRC must strike a balance between out-of-region racing and the other needs of the program. They should build their schedule and program activities in ways which promote participation at home races and achieve the budget goals of the program. 

WDCR SCCA Club Racing Program Charter – Modified 7/11/2017